Bauhaus-Markt, Bad Fischau/Austria

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Project management:Siteco Österreich GmbH
Location:Bad Fischau
Year of construction:2012


- Siteco T16 high bay luminaire

In the past, Austrian Bauhaus stores were illuminated with highbay reflector luminaires with 400W high pressure discharge lamps. Newer stores constructed in the last few years though, for example in Graz, Steyr and Salzburg, were equipped from the start with energy-saving solutions featuring fluorescent lamps.
It was on the basis of this that the decision was taken in autumn 2012 to modernise the lighting installations of older Bauhaus outlets. The store in Bad Fischau, around 50 kilometres south of Vienna, was selected as the first project.

Uniformity, lower maintenance costs, half-power switching
With refurbishment of the retail outlet, Bauhaus emphasised homogeneity of the lighting with the specification of saving at least a quarter of energy compared to the obsolete system.
At the same time, costs for maintenance were to be reduced with the use of light sources with significantly longer operating durations. Half-power switching was an explicit customer request for areas with skylight domes or strong ingress of daylight to exploit additional energy savings potential.

More than a quarter of energy costs saved
The Bauhaus store at Bad Fischau was equipped with symmetric wide distribution T16 4x80W highbay luminaires from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco. Compared to the previous solution with highbay reflector luminaires, Bauhaus saves 27.5% power costs.
Further benefits of the new lighting system:
Half-power switching for two of the four fluorescent lamps is possible with the T16 highbays. Maintenance intervals are also significantly longer. The service life (L70) with the old system was approximately 8,000 hours, the OSRAM LUMILUX HO lamps supplied achieve a service life of up to 18,000 hours. And: Complete luminous flux is also available immediately after switching on, which was not possible with high pressure discharge lamps.

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