New Audi terminals

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Architect:Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten GmbH, Munich
Planner:Schmidt König Lichtplaner, Munich
Location:München u.a.
Year of construction:2010
Photos:Jens Passoth


indoor lighting:- project-specific projector
- floodlights for light rails with three-step anti-glare system
- directional spots with structured glass cover
- downlights
- ELDACON® luminaires
Outdoor Lighting:- light pillar system

The new Audi terminals are intended to communicate the Audi name on a global scale and with a high level of brand recognition, but also to harmonise with their specific locations. To ensure that this aim can be achieved from Tokyo to Los Angeles and from Cape Town to Kiev, the architectural offices of Allmann Sattler Wappner has designed a building concept for the new trading sites that is flexible in terms of functionality and scalable according to size. And the lighting designers from Schmidt König have cooperated with Siteco for the development and implementation of corporate light for the Audi car dealerships.

identity despite variation

The new Audi brand architecture, as an interface between customers and the company, offers room for the exhibit and sales areas, catering and entertainment, as a delivery station and information point but also as a service centre and garage. The official term of 'Audi Terminal' accurately describes this mix of transit and presentation. 'Exclusive brand presence at hundreds of dealership locations across the world' is what AUDI AG aims to establish with the new constructions.

As a part of this, all Audi locations, whether in urban or green areas or as free-standing, single-storey buildings or a block development with several storeys, should be recognisable at first sight as an Audi Terminal thanks to consequent brand architecture. This is guaranteed by the architectural concept characterised by a high degree of flexibility and modularity, a concept that depends globally upon a distinctive and highly recognisable language of architecture.

The central focus of this concept is the curve. On the outside, dynamically curved insections characterise the facade, and the curve forms the decisive design element of the interior. The curved segments are reserved solely for the cars; their encounter and effect with customers places the Audi architecture in direct focus.

design and function in focus

In line with the internationally binding concept of architecture, the lighting of the new Audi dealerships is determined according to a globally valid Corporate Light Concept. The lighting planners from Schmidt König designed the illumination for varying visual tasks in the specific functional areas and also designed lighting effects appropriate for the high level of architectural affinity of the project. With the implementation of their concept as specific, tailor-made lighting solutions, the planners depended upon Siteco as an expert manufacturer and partner in the area of luminaire development and light application. As well as many new Audi terminals in Germany, dealerships in Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Spain, India, China, Switzerland and Slovakia were supplied with Siteco luminaires.

A combination of indirect and direct light was used for illumination of the presentation areas. For indirect general lighting of the showrooms, Siteco developed project-specific spotlights that were installed into curved walls and emit light up to the ceiling. According to the specific project, various numbers of asymmetric distribution spotlights can be combined to make a so-called light rail. Their narrow beam distribution creates precise and extremely homogeneous ceiling illumination even at room depths. In order to avoid the effects of glare experienced from specific viewing angles, the spots are equipped with a three-step anti-glare system. The areas between two light rails are panelled off with a cover of perforated sheet.

Ceiling-flush directional spotlights that can be rotated and swivelled emit direct light to the exponents. The use of a textured glass cover enable emittance of soft, mellow light onto the contours of the cars. Downlight groups with higher wattages emphasis individual exponents with high illuminance levels in so-called highlight zones.

Glare-free light for monitors and displays

Connected to the car display area and easily seen from there is the customer zone with sales area, vehicle hand-over and service. In terms of optics this area demanded computer screen-suitable lighting, as the computer is an indispensible tool in today's customer negotiations. Glare and reflections on glossy brochures and sales displays must also be avoided. The corporate lighting concept specified Siteco luminaires with ELDACON® light control technology as a dependable solution for this. Their microprismatic structures ensure precise light distribution with a high level of homogeneity and without direct and reflected glare. This means that high illuminance can be achieved with no glare (UGR = 16). Thanks to ELDACON® lighting control, it makes no difference how workstations and luminaires are matched to each other, which in turn means a maximum level of flexibility when deciding where workstations are positioned. The luminaires can be installed flatly into the 3m high expanded metal ceiling.

Audi direct acceptance and a high tech repair shop

According to the requirements of the car dealership, the Audi Terminals can be designed as pure presentation spaces or as an all-round business operation. In the latter case they also integrate a garage area with Audi direct acceptance. These are equipped with state-of-the-art inspection technology in order to analyse the condition of vehicles. Customers and service employees decide together the specific scope of repair work. For the Audi direct acceptance and adjacent repair bays, the lighting concept specified installation-friendly trunking systems of the Hexal® series with asymmetric or symmetric beam distribution and cross-blade louvres. These create uniform light for working, with sufficient illuminance levels.

light pillars with many options

The external areas of the Audi Terminals have additional space for the presentation of cars, including used cars. In all Audi Terminals worldwide, application-oriented pillar luminaires from Siteco that can be flexibly equipped illuminate these spaces.

A 7.5 m high pillar variant is used for general outdoor lighting. The pillar consists of a 6 m high base mast at the top of which a 1.5 m long mast mounting element is fixed. In the variant with the greatest luminous intensity, the pillar is equipped with four 150 W projectors. All projectors can be individually adjusted in their vertical axes. Wide-area, symmetric illumination around the pillar site can be implemented, for example for asymmetric illumination of peripheral presentation areas, as can zonal lighting of parking lots and driving routes.

A 6 m high pillar variant has been implemented for illumination of the used car presentations. Set up in a 12 x 12 m grid pattern, the luminaires create uniform brightness over the complete area and the exhibited vehicles. According to the location in the grid, equipping can be specified according to needs. This pillar luminaire can be equipped with a maximum of eight 150 W projectors. The projectors enable 360 degree illumination around the pillar of all cars exhibited.

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