NJ600 reflector luminaire for suspended mounting
with Lexalite® prismatic reflector | wide distribution with ceiling illumination with aluminium reflector | narrow or wide distribution with aluminium facetted reflector | wide distribution with aluminium reflector | narrow or wide distribution | 1000W
with aluminium reflector | wide distribution | with hot re-ignition with Lexalite® prismatic reflector or aluminium reflector | with ignition timer with Lexalite® prismatic reflector or aluminium reflector | with E27 emergency light socket for cold stores | with specular aluminium reflector | narrow or wide distribution
for high ambient temperatures | with aluminium reflector | narrow or wide distribution with specular aluminium reflector | narrow or wide distribution | for sports halls

The high bay reflector luminaires of the NJ600 family consist of three components: an upper luminaire part, a specular reflector and a cover. These three modules form a modular system that meets a variety of lighting demands with use of various optical components. Prismatic reflectors with decorative ceiling illumination, aluminium reflectors and facetted aluminium reflectors are available. These enable light distribution from narrow distribution to extremely wide distribution with ceiling illumination. In addition, use of a cover (for aluminium reflectors) increases the protection rating from IP20 to IP65. The high bay luminaires are designed for many various lamp configurations. With individual configurations they can be used for lighting tasks in high halls, sports halls, high bay racking warehouses and in rooms with extreme temperatures.

Special features
  • conforms with the high demands of the automotive industry (LABS-free)
  • partly suitable for rooms with temperatures from -25°C to +55°C
  • modern industrial design
  • housing of diecast aluminium
  • emergency light or ignition timer is possible
  • simple luminaire mounting (pre-fitted connection cable and either one or two mounting eyelets)
  • simple reflector mounting (keyholes)

Housing of diecast aluminium with round, compact design, powder-coated Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S) | with suspension eyelet, for 1 or 2-point suspension |
Reflector of aluminium or cover of PMMA (LexaLite® prismatic reflector) | cover of toughened safety glass with silicone-free sealing (exception: 1000W version) or of PMMA (prismatic lens) | all electrical components integrated within housing (exception: 1000W version without CG; separate ballast block with 4-point mounting (for diameter 8mm) for fixing to wall or ceiling
Please order upper part, reflector and cover separately | with 1000W: please order CG block separately)

Mounting instruction
The NJ600 reflector luminaires in versions 26W…400W in combination with aluminium reflector, cover and ball protection are ball impact resistant (exception: versions for hot re-ignition).
Protection against flying balls is only guaranteed with installation and mounting by qualified personnel. In particular, no open eyelets or hooks are to used – only closed eyelets


Luminaire wired ready for connection, completely pre-assembled with 3 x 1.0mm² connection cable, l= 0.9m (free ends with wire end sleeves) | either for configuration with high pressure lamp (with CCG, parallel p.f. connected) or with compact fluorescent lamps (with ECG Multiwatt) | according to version with hot re-ignition, ignition timer or emergency light socket | all components required for operation are located in housing (exception: 1000W version) | 1000W version (5NJ60031AN and ...1TN) for external CG block (with ballast and compensation compacitor); please order 1000W CG block separately

Lighting technology
  • Lexalite® prismatic reflector: of transluscent PMMA, extremely wide distribution with decorative ceiling illumination, for high vertical illuminance levels
  • corridor reflector: LexaLite® prismatic reflector of PMMA (translucent) with aluminium reflector inserts, for linear light distribution with good uniformity and high vertical illuminance levels
  • aluminium soft reflector: narrow or extremely wide distribution
  • aluminium soft-facetted reflector: with decorative circular facets, extremely wide distribution

Accessories for LexaLite® prismatic reflector:

  • decorative lenses for especially diffuse light distribution

Accessories for aluminium reflector:

  • cover panel with sealing for IP65