Novaluna® S LED
CAT 2 with ELDACON® | indirect/direct distribution

Novaluna® S LED and Novaluna® P LED are the suspended versions of the Novaluna® range. The ELDACON® microprismatic technology ensures uniform, glare-free lighting and provides standard-compliant lighting conditions at VDU workstations. With its purist design, the luminaires are ideal for use in prestigious, high quality surroundings, and with their lightweight, floating impression they set design highlights in all types of offices and reception areas.

Special features
  • high quality, purist design for prestigious surroundings
  • efficient lighting of the working plane due to high, glare-free direct light component
  • high visual comfort and standard-compliant lighting of VDU workstations due to microprismatic technology
  • flexible interior designs due to independent luminaire arrangements in the room
  • pleasant room atmosphere and decent ceiling illumination via indirect component
  • flat construction (33 mm)
  • good sealing against insects and larger dust particles

Extruded aluminium luminaire housing, brushed and anodised; ELDACON® of PMMA | incl. wire suspension with height adjustment 500…1200mm, single-sided with canopy for luminaire connection


Luminaire with 5-pole connection terminal (DALI: 3-pole + 2-pole for control signal), max. 2.5mm² | incl. pre-installed connection cable with transparent insulation

Lighting technology

High-grade prismatic structures make the Novaluna® an exceptionally ergonomic and flexible task luminaire. the combination of secondary and prismatic technology as well as the large light emission surface enable efficient and precise light control with especially reduced, homogeneous luminance levels.
ELDACON® technology represents an optimal restriction of reflected and direct glare; The special prism structures optimised for LEDs improve the direct component (direct/indirect ratio 45:55) and the efficiency of lighting.
Distribution of the direct light component with reduced glare between 0 to 20° creates ideal contrast conditions, making the luminaire especially suitable for mounting directly above workplace.
Standard-compliant lighting of VDU workstations according to DIN EN 12464-1; UGR≤16(L65≤ 1500cd/m²)