Comfit® M LED
with highly specular louvre (MIRO®), highly reflective | with LIGHTIFY® for wireless control with CAT 2 highly reflective specular louvre (MIRO®) | highly specular with ribbed aluminium louvre | matt

The recessed luminaires of the Siteco Louvre Luminaire M LED range are efficient and flexible LED louvre luminaires for standard applications, and with their low installed depth and two available module sizes are suitable for nearly all standard ceiling systems. Criteria for illuminating VDU workstations according to standards are complied with via special lenses in front of the LEDs together with the CAT2 specular louvre.
An extruded aluminium louvre is available for less sophisticated requirements and for ancillary areas.
Variants with the LIGHTIFY® Pro wireless light management system enable the essential functions of lighting installations to be wirelessly controlled via mobile end devices or radio-capable push-button interfaces. Installing control lines as with DALI systems for example is not necessary.

Special features
  • system matched for LED with very high efficiency
  • suitable for the illumination of VDU workplaces (UGR≤ 19)
  • ideal replacement for 3- or 4-lamp T16 and T26 luminaires
  • simple replacement due to standard module dimensions
  • timeless design with familiar form factors
  • very good price-performance ratio
  • integration into light management systems with versions featuring DALI interface
  • innovative wireless light management LIGHTIFY® Pro
  • recessed luminaires for simple, rapid installation with Linect® interface

Luminaire in various versions:
Luminaire with DALI interface: for manual operation (ON/OFF/dimming)
Luminaire with LIGHTIFY® Pro: for wireless control via commercially available push-buttons (push button interface) and/or mobile devices (App); additionally with presence and daylight sensor for fully automatic operation (sensor-controlled ON/OFF/constant brightness) | various individual lighting profiles can be set and configured via app (single or group office, classroom, corridor, stairway, wash room, swarm) | sensor luminaire as 'master': wired connection of further DALI luminaires (up to a total of 8 ECG DALI) possible (broadcast mode) | single or networked luminaire operation; free groupable via App


Housing and cover between the louvres of sheet steel, pure white (similar to RAL 9010) | louvre and cover between louvres have common frame as single assembly


Luminaire connection either via Linect® plug system or connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² | Linect® interface compatible to plug connection systems of various manufacturers
Luminaire switchable version: 3-pole connection
Luminaire with DALI interface: 5-pole connection (3-pole + 2-pole for control signal)
Luminaire with LIGHTIFY® Pro: 5-pole connection (3-pole + 2-pole for DALI interface) | luminaire with integrated LIGHTIFY® Pro controller for wireless control via ZigBee; integration of mobile devices via on-site WLAN network and LIGHTIFY® Pro gateway; integration of commercially available push buttons via push button interface LIGHTIFY® Pro PBC (for recessing into switch box); up to four push buttons per push button interface; freely programmable function for each push-button | wired connection of further DALI luminaires (up to a total of 8 ECG DALI) possible via DALI interface (broadcast mode) | commissioning and configuration of all luminaire functions and lighting profiles using a tablet and the installed commissioning app (commissioning software) | operation via commercially available push buttons or smartphone/tablet with installed Control App (operator software) | "commissioning app" for tablet as free download in Apple App Store; "Control app" for smartphone or tablet as free download in Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Lighting technology

LED with lenses for optimized light control in combination with specular louvre

  • highly specular, light output ratio-optimised, aluminium louvre, direct distribution

Standard-compliant lighting according to EN 12464-1; UGR≤19(L65≤ 1000cd/m²)

  • ribbed aluminium crossblade louvre, matt anodised, direct wide distribution; UGR≤22

Rapid advances in LED technology lead to permanent improvements in energy efficiency. This has the consequence that the luminous flux or power consumption may change accordingly. The current values can be found in the photometric report of each product and in the current download files of the lighting planning data.