with transparent cover with frosted cover lighting technology reducer
optical cover

The post-top luminaires of the CITY LIGHT family interpret the form of the classic lanterns into a new and contemporary type. The result is an installation-friendly, modularly designed luminaire with an elegant, transparent impression and modern lighting technology. The light emission aperture above the canopy sets a special accent to create an interesting night effect.
The luminaire consists of two different upper housing parts (PLUS, ELEGANCE), with the white underside of the canopy serving as reflector. Two various housing canopies complete the construction. In addition, optical covers of transparent or frosted PMMA, various fan-shaped reflectors and a shield are available for various light distribution patterns.
With the exchangeable electrical insert the luminaire can be equipped with various HIE-CE, HSE and TC-LEL lamps or with the LED Module 520.
Most optical components and electrical inserts and the LED Module 520 for this luminaire family can be interchanged and are identical to components of the lantern-design town and park luminaires, enabling outstanding availability of replacement parts and the rapid, maintenance-friendly exchange of individual components for greater design flexibility.

Special features
  • as CITY-LIGHT LED also with energy-efficient LED technology
  • many applications possible thanks to timeless design, various reflectors and suitable mast and wall brackets
  • unique night effect via additional light emission above canopy
  • optionally with attractive optical enclosure of PMMA, frosted or transparent
  • especially installation-friendly with self-centering mast mounting element (one-point mast connection)
  • modular construction enables simplified replacement of parts; electrical block identical with that of LANTERN and MUSHROOM LUMINAIRE
  • tool-free relamping and access to electrical control components
  • extremely weather-resistant coating in Siteco metallic grey (DB 702S)

Self-centering mast mounting element of diecast aluminium; glass-fibre reinforced polyester canopy element; housing and canopy with weather-resistant coating in Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S); canopy underside white, functions as reflector; supporting elements of aluminium | cover of impact-resistant, UV-stabilised PMMA, transparent or frosted | insulation class: I or II | protection rating: IP54


Cover opened without tools | luminaire insert and all electric components as removable unit
Luminaire insert with 2-pole connection terminal (version with reducing circuit: 2-pole + 1-pole for 230V control wire), max. 2.5mm² | power reduction: USt= 230V --> 100% luminous flux; USt= 0V --> 50% luminous flux (with start in power reduction mode: 100% mode initially for approx. 6mins.)

Lighting technology

Open distribution luminaire with transparent or frosted cover | the lighting characteristic is defined via fan-shaped reflectors or shields:

  • rotationally symmetric wide distribution with fan-shaped reflector
  • asymmetric wide distribution with shielding on building side
  • rotationally symmetric wide distribution with extremely reduced luminance in the horizontal plane via shield

Canopy underside white, functions as reflector

Application areas

The CITY-LIGHT is outstandingly suited to the lighting of town centres, parks, residential areas and residential and collection roads.