LED Module 540
asymmetric wide distribution (ST1.2a) asymmetric wide distribution (ST1.2a) | Power version asymmetric extremely wide distribution (P1.0a) asymmetric extremely wide distribution (P1.0a) | Power version
symmetric wide distribution (PL1.2s)

The LED Module 540 is the simple solution for the energy-efficient and sustainable refurbishment of technically obsolete road luminaires with modern, cost-optimised and CO2-optimised LED lighting technology. The LED Module 540 replaces the gear tray with conventional lighting technology for the luminaires CITY-LIGHT PLUS, CITY-LIGHT ELEGANCE, LANTERN, LANTERN CLASSIC, LANTERN DELUXE, MUSHROOM LUMINAIRE, CITY-LIGHT BOLLARD 120 and CITY-LIGHT PILLAR 260. The modular construction ensures that forthcoming, more modern LED generations with higher performance levels can be upgraded and installed with ease. For taking complete advantage of the performance potential of the LED Module 540, we recommend combining it with a clear luminaire cover when refurbishing obsolete systems.
The LED Module 540 based on Siteco gear tray technology features uniform, symmetric wide, asymmetric wide or extremely wide light distribution and is available in colour temperatures 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (neutral white). It consists of a precisely matched combination of high performance LED arrays, 3-zone facetted reflectors and microprocessor-controlled LED operating electronics. This in turn makes available a series of additional functions. These functions have been combined into three various functional packages: Basic, Plus and Premium. All make use of the outstanding property of LED light sources in reducing luminous flux without loss. These values are either factory-set (Basic variant), can be individually set with the Siteco® Service Box (Plus variant) or centrally set via Street Light Control (Premium variant). The Plus and Premium versions offer the widest spectrum of efficient, user-dependent control and monitoring of the LED luminaires.

Special features
  • innovative, energy-efficient technology with 100% compatibility to the CITY-LIGHT, LANTERN and MUSHROOM LUMINAIRE families
  • LED operating electronics with wide range of functions for efficient control of luminous flux
  • standardised streetlighting according to DIN EN 13201
  • light colours: warm white (3000K) or neutral white (4000K)
  • symmetric wide, asymmetric wide or asymmetric extremely wide light distribution
  • high level of visual comfort thanks to glare reduction via optional light dispersing element (spreader) for reduction of luminance
  • orange-coloured light with amber light colour (~2000K) for illuminating conflict zones, designing with light, protecting the environment, lower light pollution and as a replacement for luminaires with sodium vapour lamps (spreader-amber)
  • efficient physical and electronic thermal management for high product service life
  • upgrade from versions with conventional lamp technology to LED
  • low installation effort and simple replacement via Siteco gear tray technology

According to version, the luminaires are equipped with differing functionality ranges for light management and monitoring:
All versions with temperature monitoring for protection of LEDs from thermal overload
Basic performance package:
Luminous flux reduction via 230V control voltage | no luminous flux constancy
Plus performance package with electronic type plate:
Luminous flux constancy over complete service life | Dimming without an external control signal: integrated, factory pre-set and programmable timer for luminous flux reduction in two steps (time value and dimming value for max. operation and both reduction levels is set via the Service Box on the mounted or unmounted luminaire) | on request: can be integrated via SDI into existing digital control systems and controlled from a central control point | alternative luminous flux reduction via 230V control voltage
Premium performance package with electronic type plate:
PowerLine-ready with integrated SLC luminaire controller for integration into intelligent, networked light management and monitoring systems (data transmission via standardised LON protocol without supplementary control wires) | further functional range like Plus version

Electronic type plate: special component of Plus and Premium performance packages, saving type information, system-specific configuration and operating/performance data. Automatically configures newly installed LED units or ECGs


The LED Module 540 is 100% compatible to the gear trays of CITY-LIGHT, LANTERN and MUSHROOM LUMINAIRE in all versions | corpus of diecast aluminium, white | triple-zone facetted reflectors of high-grade polymer, highly specular vapourised | insulation class: II | complete unit for replacement of gear tray with conventional light sources


Connection of LED module versions:
Basic performance package: LED module with 3-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (2-pole for mains supply + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction) | control signal: USt= 230V --> 100% luminous flux; USt= 0V --> approx. 50% luminous flux
Plus performance package: LED module with 5-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (2-pole for mains supply + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction + 2-pole for Siteco® Digital Interface (SDI))
Premium performance package: LED module with 2-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (control and monitoring of the luminaire from a central control point without supplementary control wires; data transmission according to standardised LON protocol)

Lighting technology

Diverse optic system consists of precisely matched combination of high-performance LED arrays and extremely precise 3-zone faceted reflectors
The high luminance of the LEDs is dispersed and converted by the system to softly distributed light for highly uniform, standard-compliant illumination with flowing contrast transitions and significantly reduced glare.
The conical-shaped module body reflects a precisely defined light component to create a luminous cone. This gives the luminaire an attractive nocturnal appearance to provide outstanding visual guidance without causing glare.
The LED Module 540 operates most efficiently with luminaires with a clear cover
Enables precisely modified light distribution characteristics for typical applications
Supplementary amber light colour (~2000K) via optional light spreader element (spreader-amber) for colour-emphasised conflict zones along roads, for the positive appearance of brick and sandstone facades and as a good alternative for refurbishing existing systems using high and low pressure sodium vapour lamps
Reflective corpus as decorative element and for visual guiding; white underside of canopy and corpus of LED module
On request: body in Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S)

Application areas
  • service roads, pedestrian or cycle paths, parks:

Asymmetric extremely wide light distribution (P1.0a)

  • ancillary roads and service roads, residential areas:

Asymmetric wide light distribution (ST1.2a)

  • urban areas and squares, pedestrian zones and shopping streets

Symmetric wide light distribution (PL1.2s)

  • possible luminaire spacing up to 40m

Rapid advances in LED technology lead to permanent improvements in energy efficiency. This has the consequence that the luminous flux or power consumption may change accordingly. The current values can be found in the photometric report of each product and in the current download files of the lighting planning data.