TL 21

single luminaire with LED

TL 21 tunnel luminaire for surface-mounting, suspended mounting or fixing to tunnel substructure, can be rotated ±45° to the longitudinal axis | with white LED with lens, symmetric distribution; with flat, structured cover | microprocessor-controlled LED operating electronics; according to version with differing control function for lighting management and monitoring* | housing with mounting straps at face ends of stainless steel 1.4571 (ASI316 Ti); heat sink of anodised aluminium, ALMg 2.5(AW5051A); profile sealing of silicone; cover panel of toughened safety glass (ESG)

Protection rating: IP66
Insulation class: II
Impact resistance: IK10
(incl. connection cable, l = 0.8m; with Plus TL version: 5x 1.5mm²; with Premium TL version: 3x 1.5mm² | FE 180 circuit integrity, IEC 60331-3-11 and -21, VDE 0473-814 | E 90 functional integrity, DIN VDE 4102-12)

* Plus TL version: with automatic compensation of the degradation of the LED (luminous flux constancy) over complete service life time (configured for maintenance factor 0.8) | luminous flux reduction via LST control in 10% steps (10%…100% luminous flux)
Premium version: for individual monitoring and control of the luminaire from a central control point from any distance via LON-PowerLine without supplementary control wire (instead of SDI)

Luminaire can be operated with factory pre-setting. The pre-setting with the Plus TL version can be modified in the factory, and with the Premium TL version can be modified in the factory or with the mounted luminaire

Lamps Colour temperature Net luminous flux Luminous efficacy Wt. (kg) GTIN (EAN) Order No.
ECG dimmable
LED 5700K 11000lm 102lm/W 11.5 4050737513843 5XA8638GCS5D1  put product into the notepad
LED 5700K 11000lm 99lm/W 11.6 4050737513881 5XA8639GCS1D1  put product into the notepad
LED 5700K 14500lm 115lm/W 17.0 4050737513867 5XA8638HCS5D1  put product into the notepad
LED 5700K 14500lm 112lm/W 16.7 4050737513904 5XA8639HCS1D1  put product into the notepad
Article PU Wt. (kg) GTIN (EAN) Order No.
fixing angle bracket, to the ceiling, stainless steel 1.4529 2 pcs. 0.6 4050737061603 5NY86300X129  put product into the notepad
fixing angle bracket, to the ceiling, stainless steel 1.4571 2 pcs. 0.6 4050737053967 5NY86300X171  put product into the notepad