The right light for your entire office.

The office is where work and life come together. This is why SITECO lighting focuses on people: for optimum visual comfort, maximum adaptability in everyday life and innovative concepts for greater well-being.

Future Office.

For us, tomorrow's office is the center of innovation in lighting. The influence of lighting in the office is huge. "New Work", digitalization or sustainability: light plays a key role in tomorrow's office.

Our lighting solutions create perfect working conditions, for a place where creativity is encouraged and great ideas are born. You create intelligent office spaces and integrate a digital infrastructure with open interfaces for smart building control. All of this is done in the most sustainable way, with a massive reduction of the carbon footprint and modular as well as eco-friendly product concepts. 

Let's get started today. Together we will define the light for your office of tomorrow.

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Energy prices are increasing every day. The price spiral does not seem to end soon. 
Turn the tables and turn high electricity prices into high savings.
Refurbish your lighting now with the efficient and intelligent lighting solutions from SITECO and immediately save up to 80% of your energy costs. Government subsidies are available in most cases. Today, an investment amortizes in very short time.

You would like to refurbish your office lighting, but hesitate to invest in a new ceiling? No problem: SITECO offers refurbishment solutions for every ceiling system.

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Every building is unique. The demands of its users are just as individual. This influences the requirements for lighting directly. The solution depends on the desired functions and the existing circumstances, as well as on the design requirements. There are situations in which the range of variants in the catalog can not fulfill the requirements of a project. In this case the almost infinite variety of customizing possibilities begins. With an experienced team of designers and engineers, SITECO offers a wide range of options for customized solutions for your new office lighting. Made in Germany offers flexibility and speed.

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Lighting is everywhere. Perfect for interconnecting the building!
Sensor integrated luminaires and open interfaces enable an easy connection to building management systems. Sensors provide environmental data from the entire building for total transparency that is the foundation for maximum office operating efficiency.

Space management systems can be easily connected using SITECO luminaires. They enable flexible use of space, e.g. by intuitively booking free workstations or optimizing cleaning services.

Want to learn more about luminaires that make digital services possible? Take a look at Silica 21.

Light influences people – visually, emotionally, biologically. It affects the circadian rhythm. Dynamic color temperature and illuminance can significantly increase well-being and performance. We developed an approach that takes all relevant factors into account to ensure the best effect: SITECO HCLlive.

On paper, many luminaire manufacturers are doing Human Centric Lighting (HCL) today. With us it becomes a reality. HCLlive is our promise to achieve the greatest benefit of HCL in your application. We accompany you from holistic planning to installation, commissioning and fine-tuning.

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The right lighting for your office

Both individual and open space offices require standard-compliant and glare-free illumination of the room and the individual workstations. Working with screens in particular requires lighting that is adapted to people. Efficient lighting with HCLlive supports permanently concentrated and motivated working, ensures well-being and incidentally reduces operating costs.


The right lighting for your entrance area

The entrance area is a company's flagship. The right light creates atmosphere and a harmonious overall image. Homogeneous lighting provides orientation and facilitates work at the front desk without glare.


The right lighting for your conference room

Conference rooms are used in a variety of ways. Therefore, lighting conditions must be adapted to each situation. Intelligent lighting solutions offer flexibility by combining direct and indirect lighting components, different light colors and illuminance levels.


The right lighting for your lounge area

Lounge areas provide spaces for people to meet, ideal for spontaneous conversations or short-notice team meetings. Lighting seamlessly continues the design of the entire office, provides inspiration and creates a relaxed atmosphere. High lighting quality and individual light settings (Human Centric Lighting) invite people to feel at ease even during brief exchanges, making the office's hustle and bustle barely noticeable.


Lighting solutions


On paper, anyone can do HCL these days. We transform it into reality. HCLlive is our promise to realize the greatest value from HCL in your application situation. We support you along the way with everything from integrated planning to installation and commissioning through to fine-tuning.

SITECO HCLlive is a new dimension of light.

SITECO Connect

SITECO Connect

Now or later. We create the infrastructure today that leaves all options open. From simple plug&play control to an integrated building management system – SITECO Connect gives you perfectly customized solutions. In doing so, we support you throughout the process: with planning, programming and commissioning.

SITECO Connect offers a new level of digital solutions.



We support you from the idea all the way to commissioning your lighting. We take care of funding subsidies and financing options. And once the lighting is up and running, we’ll make sure everything is operating smoothly and your energy consumption is as low as possible.

Custom service tailored to your needs.



Where the options in the catalog end, the almost infinite range of customized options begins. SITECO offers a wide spectrum of options for customized solutions thanks to its experienced team of designers and engineers. Made in Germany also means we provide additional flexibility and speed.

We live customer proximity through flexibility & speed.

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