FSV Teutonia Obernau
Aschaffenburg, Germany

Red Card for Rising Energy Prices

The investment in excellent lighting quality has never been more worthwhile due to rising prices for energy. This is also because the state provides generous subsidies. However, the government is now taking an even closer look and linking the funds to strict environmental criteria.

Fortunately, lighting solutions from SITECO optimally combine the needs of climate and species protection with the challenges of tight club budgets. This is the experience of FSV Teutonia Obernau, which has chosen the SITECO Floodlight FL 11 - and now saves more than 55 percent with every hour of operation.





Project details

  • Customer: FSV Teutonia Obernau
  • Location: Aschaffenburg, Deutschland
  • Products / Solutions: FL 11 maxi
  • Year: 2022

Saving yes - but not on lighting quality

Why a conversion to high-efficiency FL 11 maxi floodlight is worthwhile:

  • Energy efficient (in this case an energy saving of 55%)
  • Fulfillment of environmental requirements and species protection: Bavaria's Ministry of the Interior has clearly set the course in the direction of more environmental protection and has already anchored 3,000 K as a technical subsidy requirement for all BLSV subsidies
  • Precise surface illumination thanks to asymmetrical light distribution - without disturbing light immissions or stray light