Olympic Stadium Helsinki, Finland

The Champions League of sports lighting

Renovating an existing ensemble in terms of lighting technology is always a challenge. Especially when the protection of historical monuments comes into play. New light, old substance: SITECO mastered this balancing act at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland, thanks to outstanding project competence and a top sports lighting product: Sirius®. The floodlight is perfectly glare-free and at the same time provides 45 percent more light than the old system. Highly efficient silver reflectors achieve particularly precise light control, special cut-off variants "cut off" unnecessary diffused light and put it where it belongs: on the playing field instead of in the night sky. As a result, athletes and spectators in Helsinki today once again have ideal viewing conditions - live on location and at home on the television. Thanks to Sirius®, the Olympic Stadium is the first Finnish arena to meet the UEFA ELITE A standard and is ready to return to its former glory days. Roope Mutenia, project manager at the local electrical installer Assemblin OY, is convinced: "All requirements for the lighting including the control system are met. And we have also seen Sirius® in action. Illumination looks really good for the viewer".


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