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Because motivation, productivity and concentration are no coincidence.

Light makes work easier. An attractive, friendly atmosphere has a positive effect on employee satisfaction. Luminaires with high visual comfort protect the eyes from fatigue. Intelligent and individual solutions meet the needs of the individual employee. Ideal when office lighting combines all these aspects in a holistic solution.
Discover how SITECO supports the working world of today and tomorrow.

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Concentration, creativity, team spirit: It has been proven that the right office lighting creates a friendly, pleasant atmosphere and has a positive effect on the well-being and working methods of employees. Especially when working with computers, the eyes are under constant stress. Homogeneous general lighting combined with glare-free workplace-related solutions protects against rapid fatigue.

This mixture of basic lighting and workplace luminaires gives modern office environments flexibility in the use of space. Changing project work requires frequent rearrangements of the individual work areas. Sensor-based office lighting makes it possible, especially in open-plan offices, to save additional energy by really using light only where it is currently needed. 

Biologically effective solutions go far beyond normative requirements. They reproduce changes in daylight over the course of the day, control light intensity and colour temperatures accordingly and thus support the natural biorhythm. This leads to a lasting improvement in the well-being of the workforce and, thanks to improved concentration, to improved productivity. SITECO offers a wide range of solutions that combine these advantages with economic excellence and modern design.

Conference rooms

From a staff meeting to a team meeting to meetings and conferences, meeting rooms are used for a wide variety of purposes that differ fundamentally in the number of participants, objectives, seating, media use and mood.

The primary task of lighting here is to keep pace with the use of space in terms of flexibility and to provide the best possible support for all types of communication. It makes sense to provide uniform, glare-free ambient lighting that makes it easy to work with laptops. At the same time, the use of beamers makes it necessary to darken the entire room or parts of it for better perception. Dimmable solutions are the minimum requirement here. Lighting management systems from SITECO, in which various lighting scenarios have already been preset, are far more convenient. Meeting leaders, moderators and speakers then select the appropriate setting from a series of defined lighting scenarios as required.  

Lighting concepts based on the principles of Human Centric Lighting are also suitable for conference rooms. SITECO thus makes an active contribution to supporting concentration and receptiveness during lectures or creative brainstorming.


Reception areas

Your marketing starts at the front door. Foyers are an excellent way to bring your corporate design to life with colours, shapes, architecture and light and to immediately attract visitors to your corporate world. With special light colours and accentuations you can create a unique atmosphere that shows them in the best light.

At the same time, reception areas should not only convey an image of the company and the brand to the outside world, but should also receive business partners and visitors appropriately. This includes the ability to orientate oneself immediately and find one's way around as soon as one enters the building. Avoid excessive contrasts between exterior and interior lighting. The use of indirect light sources creates an inviting atmosphere. With point light sources, for example, you can set the scene for a reception counter as the first point of contact for visitors. 

For whether they face you with a good feeling does not depend on chance. With solutions from SITECO, you make reception areas more inviting, design the room and offer orientation at a glance.

Holistic solutions for you

An office building has much more to offer than just individual, group and open-plan offices and a few meeting rooms. Many adjoining areas make completely different and different demands on their lighting:
corridors and stairwells, canteens and social rooms, sanitary facilities, small storage rooms, parking facilities and the façade as a trademark to the outside. For corridors and stairwells as the infrastructure of a building, it is important to make them friendly and bright enough. Especially when there is no daylight, unpleasant tunnel effects in long corridors can be avoided. In all rooms where the focus is once again on human needs - breaks or eating and drinking - light should first and foremost be pleasant and give rooms a mood in which one likes to spend time and recharge one's batteries. 

In warehouses, special light distributions achieve optimum illumination of shelves with high recognisability of the goods. In car parks, safety and orientation are at the centre of attention when arriving employees are already thinking of the first meeting or later of the end of the work day.
SITECO supports you across the board with experience, know-how and the right lighting solutions.

Human Centric Lighting: Light for people

The criteria to be met by office lighting are laid down in the European standard EN 12464-1: illuminance, uniformity and glare behaviour determine light quality. Light can do much more than that.

Lighting concepts that focus on the individual needs of people promote concentration at work and regeneration during breaks. Biologically effective light mimics the natural brightness and light colour of daylight - with a positive effect on well-being and performance.
Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is particularly important in office environments, which today are more living space than just a workplace. However, it is by no means a question of constantly optimising people and getting even more performance out of them, but rather of supporting them with the right light colours and strengths for the situation.

The aim of SITECO is to develop holistic HCL concepts that take equal account of standards, artificial light and daylight for maximum well-being in the office living space. What's more, an atmosphere that is perceived as positive also promotes staff loyalty - in times of shortage of skilled workers an additional argument for the best possible office equipment, even with light. 

Wall and ceiling luminaires

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Application examples

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