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Innovative SITECO LED street lights in goods at the Müritz

Modern outdoor lighting makes towns and cities more attractive, improves visibility and contributes to public safety. This also applies to private companies and facilities with appropriate lighting requirements. The town of Waren (Müritz) has provided two particularly illuminating examples that have been in place since 2016. The town and a leading regional food retailer opted for innovative LED lighting solutions from SITECO. Not only are they pleasing on the eye with their attractive design and high-quality light, they also provide long-term economic benefits thanks to their high efficiency and long life.

LED street lighting Kietzstraße and promenade Waren (Müritz)

The Kietz promenade is a popular historic park in the south of Waren (Müritz) and includes the 50 meter long Kietz Bridge which offers a fine vantage point for watching the passenger ships and boats on the river. The civic authorities were looking to install new attractive lighting for these special tourist attractions, but the lighting also had to offer impressive efficiency and sustainability. Engineering consultants HDH were commissioned by the town’s Economic Development Department to investigate the options, and decided on SITECO LED luminaires for their advanced technology and extremely decorative design. DL 50 mini street lights provide new highlights and standard-compliant lighting conditions along Kietzstrasse. DL 20 outdoor luminaires create a special pleasant atmosphere on the piers and on the Kietz Bridge. All the luminaires feature the Plus functional package for lighting control which, among other things, includes the highly efficient, patented CLO 2.0 constant light output management system. SITECO was the single-source supplier for the entire illumination package: complete light points with masts, brackets and luminaires painted in the required color (DB702S).

Parking lot lighting EDEKA Schubert in Waren an der Müritz

Established in 2005, EDEKA Schubert is now the leading food retailer in Waren (Müritz) with around 250 employees in six stores and an online shop ( For its completely redesigned and modernized store in Teterowerstrasse this innovative eco-conscious company wanted car park lighting that was attractive, modern and sustainable. SITECO took on the task of designing the lighting and selecting the ideal luminaires, which were then installed by HTL-Haus-Elektrotechnik Lehmkuhl GmbH, a leading electrical contractor from Rostock specializing in modern lighting systems. DL 50 mini and midi street lights mounted on special dual and triple brackets now illuminate the customer parking lot. Floodlight 20 micro and mini are used in the forecourt and in the goods delivery area. The LED lighting solutions from SITECO now present the EDEKA store in an even more attractive and more efficient light and at the same time provide customers with better visibility and a greater feeling of safety. Here too, SITECO supplied all the light points with masts, brackets and luminaires in the required color (RAL9005).


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