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Balgheim moving to even greater sustainability with LED streetlights

Balgheim is a small, but very progressive municipality in the district of Tuttlingen with about 1250 inhabitants. Balgheim has taken part in the Baden-Württemberg sustainability project since 2015, making it their mission to save energy, ensure energy efficiency and set a good example for the residents. All the results and successes are summarized in a sustainability report.

In 2016, the municipal council followed the proposal by the mayor to upgrade the existing NAV street lighting system and switch completely to LED technology. More than 200 SITECO LED streetlights are now bathing Balgheim in a particularly modern and sustainable light.

When it comes to planning and decision-making, the municipality of Balgheim in Baden-Württemberg has always placed great emphasis on economy, sustainability and a high practical value for its residents. Starting in 2002, the entire street lighting system was upgraded from mercury lamps to energy-efficient sodium vapor lamps. In 2016, it was decided to keep up with the times once more – with a complete upgrade of the street lighting system to advanced LED solutions from SITECO.

More than 200 SITECO LED streetlights provide attractive and efficient light

The main aim of the upgrade was to improve the lighting level and quality of light – especially the color rendering – providing greater visibility and an increased sense of safety for residents on all roads, paths and public spaces in the municipality. Apart from greater efficiency and economy, the new LED solutions also had to offer attractive and as uniform a design as possible. The LED solutions recommended and specified by SITECO meet all these requirements. 176 DL30 city and park lights with a color temperature of 3000 K as well as 24 Streetlight SL10 micro and 12 SL10 mini streetlights with a color temperature of 4000 K are now bathing Balgheim in a particularly modern light. All the luminaires feature integrated power reduction for lowering the lighting level during times of low traffic. As part of the street lighting upgrade the church lighting was also switched to LEDs – with three Floodlight FL20 midi floodlights with a color temperature of 3000 K, also from SITECO. Public utility Netze BW Tuttlingen was responsible for installing the luminaires.

Greater visibility and safety – lower costs and environmental impact

The upgrade not only results in clearly visible improvements in the quality of light but also in considerable annual savings in energy and electricity costs for the municipality of Balgheim. Durable low-maintenance LED technology also lowers operating and maintenance costs – with the reduction in CO2 emissions of about 40 tonnes per year also keeping the environment happy. The municipality of Balgheim is very pleased with the new street lighting. The residents are also happy that the lighting provides safety throughout the night and still leads to savings.

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