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4.287 Streetlight 20 Mini and Midi LED lights for hoards

To reduce energy and maintenance costs, the Horten municipality in the south of the Norwegian capital Oslo decided in 2017 to replace all their old HQL- and SON based street lights with a new LED solution. One of the technical challenges and prerequisites was to use the existing masts and distribute the light of the luminaires in an application-optimized way. Based on previous successful projects with SITECO, the municipality of Horten and the responsible lighting designer Trygve Jarsve unanimously decided in favor of SITECO Streetlight 20 LED luminaires from SITECO as the perfect solution for these demanding requirements. 

Streetlight 20 LED from SITECO is a highly versatile luminaire range with lens technology for all street lighting applications, ranging from cycle paths to multi-lane carriageways. This is due to four construction sizes with differing lumen levels and various light beam characteristics matched to the application. The discreet, consistent design across all construction sizes achieves harmonious integration into the specific surroundings. Two versions are always available: one with optimized efficiency and one with higher lumen output.

Brighter light for every street: Streetlight 20 LED mini and midi luminaires

With significantly higher light output and a visibly more attractive light appearance, Streetlight mini and midi LED luminaires now replace the old 250, 150 and 70 W HQL or SON luminaires all over Horten extremely efficiently and very effectively. To ensure the best possible light quality for any location – such as footpaths, main roads or cross-country trails – all luminaires are equipped with optimum optics. Most of the Streetlight 20 LED luminaires in Horten shine with a bright neutral white light temperature of 4.000 K. The luminaires at Oscar's beach offer a slightly warmer light color of 3.000 K, to provide the passers-by at the promenades a pleasant atmosphere.

Open platform for lighting control

SITECO offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions for the perfect lighting control and light management of its LED street lighting luminaires. In addition, all luminaires are "open" for other suitable products. This made it easy to integrate the Datek Light Control Unit from Norwegian Lighting Solution Provider Datek.

High energy savings through LED street lighting from SITECO

SITECO will supply a total of 4.287 Siteco Streetlight midi and mini LED luminaires for Horten municipality: 3.473 luminaires for 140 km municipal road and 814 luminaires for 50 km rural road. Since the start of the project in April 2017 to August 2018, 3.000 luminaires have already been installed and the remaining 1.287 luminaires will be installed by the end of 2019. Project manager Hans-Petter Brusevold is enthusiastic about the new street lighting for the Horten community: "The new modern LED solution provides much brighter light and we already save a lot of energy now – and after the project is completed, we will be able to save around one GWh per year!" Inspired by the perfect lighting results and the high energy savings easily achievable with the Streetlight 20 LED luminaires from SITECO, several other communities nearby Horten have meanwhile installed the same solution.

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