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Renovation of street lighting

The large district town of Singen in Germany refurbished its road lighting, and in the first construction phase already upgraded a major part of the light points to modern LED technology. Approximately 2,700 Streetlight 10 LED luminaires sourced from SITECO were installed. This enables Singen to save approximately 60% of energy compared to the old system.

As in many other towns and districts, mainly fluorescent lamps and inefficient high pressure mercury vapour lamps supplied light until now for Singen's roads. In line with the outphasing of these light sources from 2015 onwards as part of EU legislation, the town used the opportunity to not only sustainably upgrade but also to replace the diverse collection of 64 different types of luminaire with a uniform and consistent luminaire concept.

Around 2,700 Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from SITECO were installed throughout the complete urban area. Three various construction sizes are used according to lighting task and type of road:

  • Streetlight 10 micro LED for residential areas
  • Streetlight 10 mini/midi LED for main thoroughfares, collecting roads, highways and industrial and commercial zones

The new LED luminaires feature significantly longer lives of up to 50,000 hours, meaning that maintenance and repair costs are reduced in turn. In order to exploit the savings potential of LED technology as far as possible, all luminaires were equipped with an intelligent control system. The "Plus" performance package installed can set luminous flux with the SITECO® Service Box individually according to needs.

The Singen district council specified for their LED luminaires replacing the usual light colour of up to 5,000 Kelvin by a warmer neutral white light colour with 4,000 Kelvin – a good compromise between the efficiency of a cool light colour and the pleasant light effects of a warmer colour tone.

In the first construction phase, a total of 3670 new LED luminaires were mounted, and in 2014 a further 1580 luminaires are to be replaced. This makes Singen one of the largest 'upgraders' in Germany to LED technology for outdoor lighting.

Power savings of approximately 1.1 million kilowatt hours are expected yearly. Because of the high level of energy savings, installation of the new luminaires is supported by the Federal Ministry for Environmental and Nature Protection and Reactor Safety (BMU) as well as the district energy agency for Baden-Württemberg (KEA) as part of the "KlimaschutzPlus" campaign. The consultation team from STEPConsult and W2K provided support for the town for registration of subsidies and also ensured that the requirements of the town council were implemented in line with the transparent structure of Europe-wide tenders.

Products used

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