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Tampere in southwestern Finland is the country's second largest urban region and the third largest city after Helsinki and Espoo. In 2017 and 2018, the city of Tampere was able to save five percent of its lighting energy consumption through intelligent outdoor lighting solutions. At the same time, new lighting networks are continuously being developed in growth centres.

"All LED luminaires are programmed to dim independently each day according to different areas of use. Even greater energy savings can be achieved with luminaires whose luminous efficiency rises only when the vehicle or pedestrian approaches and dims again quickly when no movement is noticeable. The pedestrian or person in vehicle does not notice the change of lighting, because mast equipped with motion detector sends information to other luminaires in the area. The intensity of lighting can change several times during the evening and the night, based on the number of users in the illuminated area,”says Jussi Kulomäki, construction engineer at the City of Tampere. "Lighting has a huge impact on people's sense of security. At the same time, unnecessary lighting is not only a waste of energy but also light pollution. In addition to energy efficiency, real-time data transfer and linking of luminaires to each other improves user comfort,” says Sami Laakso, Sales Manager for Outdoor Lighting at SITECO. “The reliability and high quality of the SITECO luminaires had a significant impact on the choice of lighting systems in the City of Tampere. Also Sami Laakso's strong contribution to project planning and implementation as well as long-term and uncompromising cooperation with the customer were the reasons for choosing SITECO luminaires. The SITECO range included luminaires that match the requirements of the city,”says Jussi Kulomäki.

SITECO: From streetlights to multi-purpose servers

Intelligent lighting not only simplifies maintenance and saves energy. In the future, environmental conditions can also be detected by various sensors and transmitted via the lighting network: Sports fields are only illuminated when they are in use and the lighting on the parking paths follows the pedestrian.

SITECO is responsible for the lighting of many outdoor areas in Tampere, such as the park in Pyynikki, which is equipped with SITECO DL 50 mini and midi luminaires. Pedestrian zones in the Ruotula district use SITECO Streetlight 20 mini luminaires with NEMA plugs. Access roads in lidesranta are illuminated with the SITECO Streetlight 11 micro and mini luminaires, while the SITECO DL 30 and FL 20 maxi luminaires are used in the centrally located Kaleva Park. In both lidesranta and Kaleva, lighting control was implemented using the Tvilight control system and CitySense motion sensors.

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