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Food, clothing, large malls - good business needs good light.

Shopping as an experience, that applies today from the building market to the flagship store. Light from SITECO sets goods off in the best possible light and draws the attention of customers. And even more: with our comprehensive lighting portfolio, we support the retail trade from the parking lot to the checkout. Experience how SITECO makes shopping even more attractive. 

Specialist and supermarkets

For the operators of specialist and supermarkets, the calculation is simple: customers who feel comfortable come back. And light plays a decisive role in this. It all starts in the entrance area: cleverly selected lighting creates an inviting atmosphere when you enter the store, making you want to shop. 

For optimal shopping experiences you achieve the best effects with a combination of uniform general lighting and focused lighting accents. This makes it easier for customers to find their way between aisles and shelves and emphasises special offers, signs and signposts with point light sources. By the way: SITECO also has luminaires for refrigerated cabinets and chest freezers in its range especially for supermarkets as well as luminaires with special light colours and colour filters to present food such as fish, meat, vegetables and bakery products crisply fresh.

When working at the cash registers, the greatest possible visual comfort is essential so that long queues can be processed quickly without the employees' eyes getting very tired. SITECO supports the strenuous work of cashier with glare-free luminaires, optionally including biologically effective light for a longer concentration span.

shopping centres

Microcosm shopping center: Modern shopping centres make it possible to do all your shopping in one place. Light is needed not only in a wide variety of shops, but also in adjoining areas, connecting paths, stairwells, restaurants, event areas and parking facilities.

Rush hours are a hot topic for access roads and parking facilities in shopping centres. Clear orientation and good visibility are essential to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. SITECO supplies luminaires with high lighting quality which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and sensor technology, also massively reduce operating costs.

Inside shopping centres, lighting needs to be as flexible as possible. With a broad portfolio of configurable solutions and various lighting management options, SITECO offers suitable solutions for shops, restaurants, department stores, integrated markets or associated medical centres as well as for connecting arcades and stairwells - luminaires and many years of project experience from a single source.

This results in an overall lighting concept that takes into account the customer's shopping experience as well as the accentuation of many architectural features. This is what defines the character and attractiveness of a shopping center.

shops and boutiques

From the small boutique around the corner to the big designer label: retail stores need a distinctive character for long-term business success. Brand-shaping lighting increases the recognition value of large chains, creative solutions create individuality and arouse curiosity.

The first glance into the shop must make you want more. This includes attractive shop-window lighting that presents the highlights of your range in an advantageous way, for example with point light sources or dynamic accent lighting. Just as important is a warm, friendly lighting atmosphere that draws visitors inside the store. 

Characteristic for boutiques are changing decorations, displays and promotions. With flexible lighting solutions from SITECO, you are prepared for all conversions without losing your style or the impact of your brand at the same time. At the same time, the luminaires that work exclusively with LEDs help you save energy every day and keep your balance sheet as low as possible in terms of electricity costs.

Changing cubicles are only a small part of a shop, but they still deserve to be an elementary part of an overall lighting concept. This is where the customer finally makes the most important decision: Buy? Yes or no? As natural light as possible with very good, realistic colour rendering protects customers from disappointment later on.


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