The luminaire test road: lighting seen in real conditions

Highly unique: the Siteco luminaire test road in Traunreut, Germany. There are only two types of facilities of this kind in the world, and around 75 tests and presentations take place each year. 2,500 visitors from around the world gain an impression of the benefits from improved safety with road traffic.

A visit to the luminaire test road is especially interesting for representatives of public administrations and power authorities seeking on-site information about effective, cost-saving and attractive road lighting. Institutions such as the TÜV, DEKRA (German certification authorities), the police and the federal courts also participate in the events.

During the day the area looks like a loading dock. Four movable, crane-like portals border the road. Many different outdoor luminaires have been installed to the lifting bar of the portals, ranging from obsolete solutions as found very often in real-life to the latest Siteco solutions featuring LED technology.

The difference quickly becomes apparent with this comparison with the presentations that take place in darkness. Various scenarios demonstrate how road lighting has progressed in development, how safety is guaranteed in road traffic and how factors such as functionality, reliability and easy maintenance are still ensured.

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Good visibility can save lives: With the luminaire test road events, many visitors experience an 'aha' effect in terms of safe road lighting.