Modario® LED insert RS
narrow distribution wide distribution asymmetric distribution shop reflector

The Modario® trunking system with fully compatible modular construction adapts individually to complex lighting tasks. The system consists of two basis elements: the 5 or 10-core wired trunking rail and the LED module. The LED modules are designed as complete luminaire units. The differing optical versions enable energy-efficient and low maintenance lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. LED modules can be combined with the T16 luminaire inserts and all further Modario® system components. Socket outlet modules, emergency lighting units, spotlights and tracks are available as well as other accessories.

All components have been designed for 299mm system dimensions and can therefore be combined according to needs. All system components can be combined without use of tools. X, T and L connectors expand the system’s application range.

Special features
  • modular construction system
  • Single Unit Technology: low installation time thanks to integration of LED luminaire insert and reflector to a complete luminaire unit
  • high flexibility with 299mm system module size: all elements within the Modario® product family have been constructed for this system module size and can be combined and positioned within this system as desired
  • arrangement as individual luminaire, as trunking or as a two-dimensional luminaire configuration

Lighting technology

  • wide range of optics from extremely narrow distribution to wide distribution, from asymmetric distribution to double vertical distribution
  • LED modules for various light colours and various lumen packages

Luminaire insert

  • LED modules as dimmable version (DALI) as standard
  • multiple circuits possible with two independent 3-circuit supplies
  • phase selection possible as standard
  • electrical and mechanical connection of inserts within rails without tools in one step
  • easy to use metal catches for quick mounting of luminaire units in the trunking rail

Trunking rail

  • trunking rail as standard with 5 or 10-core through-wiring with 2.5mm² cable cross-section
  • separate power supplies, dimming or emergency supply can be integrated
  • electrical feed possible in central area of a trunking rail arrangement via special trunking rail element
  • through-wiring is expandable to 12-core via supplementary wiring set
  • large mounting distances to 3.5m with self-supporting trunking rail connector
  • simple installation of trunking rail elements with pre-assembled connectors with integrated plug-in system (electrical and mechanical connection)
Lighting technology

Modario® LED module for various light distribution patterns with HDP® cover for additional longitudinal glare reduction:

  • direct extremely narrow distribution
  • direct narrow distribution
  • direct wide distribution
  • direct asymmetric distribution
  • shop reflector, direct double vertical distribution with reduced luminance below luminaire
  • accent lighting via spots with narrow or medium light distribution

Trunking rail and LED module wired ready for connection |
Trunking rail with connection terminal, max. 2.5mm², and through-wiring 5x 2.5mm² or 10x 2.5mm² (supplementary electrical feed in central area of a trunking rail arrangement is possible via special trunking rail element) | through-wiring to next trunking rail with pre-assembled electrical and mechanical plug and socket connection | connection for all inserts at distances of 299mm
LED module for operation via normal mains | with 3-pole connection system, suitable for 5 or 10-core wired trunking rail (ECG(DALI): 3-pole + 2-pole for control signal, suitable for 10-core wired trunking rail) | 3-phase pre-selection via moving of contact pin prior to installation in rail
Spotlight module for operation via normal mains | with 3-pole connection system, suitable for 5 or 10-core wired trunking rail | with 3-phase pre-selection via moving of contact pin prior to installation in trunking rail
3-phase track insert for operation via "normal mains" | with 5-pole connection system (without phase selection), suitable for 5 or 10-core wired trunking rail | with 3-phase track, for commercially available spotlights with "universal track adapter" | random positioning of spots in the track


Robust trunking rail of sheet steel, LED module with integrated reflector of extruded aluminium; trunking rail and LED module metallic grey (RAL 9006) or pure white (similar to RAL 9010) | mounting of LED module and electrical connection of insert in trunking rail without tools, in one work step, via simple to use catches | mechanical fixing via metal catch for secure fastening of LED module in the trunking rail |
Trunking rail with pre-mounted, self-supporting connector | large distances between suspension points to 3.5m due to robust connection elements

Rapid advances in LED technology lead to permanent improvements in energy efficiency. This has the consequence that the luminous flux or power consumption may change accordingly. The current values can be found in the photometric report of each product and in the current download files of the lighting planning data.