Compact Monsun® basic LED
(generation 3) | 50,000h(25°C)

with opal prismatic cover of PMMA or PC


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NJ 200, Monsun®, Monsun® LED, Modario® IP20/IP40, Modario® IP64, LJ 100, Hexal®, quick-release link, quick-release link, quick-release link, of stainless steel (V2A), uncoated, packaging unit: 1 piece

Key data
Product type:quick-release link
Family:Hexal®, Modario® IP20/IP40, Monsun® LED, LJ 100, Monsun®, NJ 200, Modario® IP64
Order No.:5LY9004  put product into the notepad
Material | Colour
quick-release link:stainless steel (V2A), uncoated, link size inside 5.6x 16mm
Dimensions | Weight