CAT 2 with micro hexagonal stucture | direct/indirect distribution

One or two-length single luminaire for suspended mounting

  • with highly specular micro-louvre with hexagonal structure, highly reflective, direct/indirect wide distribution (L65≤ 1500cd/m²)
  • according to version switchable or light control via DALI
  • housing of aluminium profile, plastic end caps; luminaire and end caps white (RAL 9016)
  • protection rating: IP20
  • insulation class: II
  • service life: 50,000h (L85/B50)

Lamps Colour temperature Colour rendering Net luminous flux Connected load Luminous efficacy Control Wt. (kg) GTIN (EAN) Order No.
LED 3000K CRI > 80 3670lm 31W 120lm/W ON/OFF 1.8 4052899488793 5MB2512L30830  put product into the notepad
LED 3000K CRI > 80 4050lm 34W 120lm/W DALI 1.8 4052899488816 5MB251DL30830  put product into the notepad
LED 4000K CRI > 80 4000lm 31W 130lm/W ON/OFF 1.8 4052899488809 5MB2512L30840  put product into the notepad
LED 4000K CRI > 80 4400lm 34W 131lm/W DALI 1.8 4052899488823 5MB251DL30840  put product into the notepad

LED 3000K CRI > 80 8100lm 67W 122lm/W DALI 3.3 4052899488830 5MB252DL60830  put product into the notepad
LED 4000K CRI > 80 8800lm 67W 132lm/W DALI 3.3 4052899488847 5MB252DL60840  put product into the notepad