Streetlight 10 midi LED
for post-top or side-entry mounting | asymmetric distribution

The Streetlight 10 midi LED security luminaire with state-of-the-art lighting technology fulfills the stringent demands of security applications. Streetlight 10 LED is the standard for an LED outdoor luminaire designed completely according to factors of efficiency and lighting effect. Purist, functional design comes together with high power LEDs and outstanding photometrics. As such, Streetlight 10 LED eminently complies with the requirements of DIN EN 13201 for all S and M lighting classes. With the specific characteristic of LED technology to supply complete luminous flux both directly after switching on and also following repeated switching on, efficient lighting without warm-up time is ensured. The microprocessor-controlled LED operating electronics make available a high level of efficiency potential. Luminous flux can be individually set according to needs with the performance packages 'Plus' (with Siteco® Service Box) and 'Premium' (with Street Light Control).
The mechanical concept of the luminaire is also future-fit. Both the optical module and the gear tray can be simply and rapidly replaced. This means upgrading to higher performance, future LED modules is easily implemented. This solution enables a sustainable and future-oriented use of the high quality luminaire housing.

Special features
  • integrative, future-fit luminaire design
  • newly developed HD reflector technology optimised for the application sector
  • minimised light immission
  • HD optics for optimal, homogeneous road lighting
  • adjustable luminaire inclination for optimal adaptation to lighting situations and road geometries
  • optical module unit with high power LEDs for sustainability, suitability for the future and easy maintenance with simple replacement
  • encapsulated LED module, ready to plug in (IP66)
  • constant luminous flux control (Plus version) for precise and highly efficient road lighting
  • conveniently programmable and parameterisable via the Siteco® Service Box (with Plus version)
  • dependable gear tray with electrical and electronic components, simply accessible and replaceable
  • long system service life and low luminous flux loss via optimised thermal management (>50,000 hrs)
  • low power consumption with very good photometric results ensures efficient and economic road lighting
  • immediate luminous flux without start-up time
Lighting technology

Asymmetric wide light distribution for standard-compliant lighting according to DIN EN 13201 | excellent glare reduction and very high homogeneity with minimal light spill via HD optics | adjustable luminaire inclination for optimal adaptation to lighting situations and road geometries


Cover opens downwards | encapsulated, plug-in LED module; all electric components on removable gear tray
Basic performance package: with 3-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (2-pole for mains supply + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction) | control signal: USt= 230V --> 100% luminous flux; USt= 0V --> approx. 50% luminous flux
Plus performance package: with 5-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (2-pole for mains supply + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction + 2-pole for Siteco® Digital Interface (SDI) for parameterising of luminaire with the Siteco® Service Box and integration into digital control system
Premium performance package: with 2-pole connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² (control and monitoring of the luminaire from a central control point without supplementary control wires; data transmission according to standardised LON protocol)
Connection for potential equalisation as optional accessory. Required to avoid electrostatic charges when installing to non-conductive masts (wood, concrete, plastic etc.)


Luminaire housing and mast adapter of diecast aluminium | mast flange in 3 sizes for various mast diameters, for post top or side entry mounting, for luminaire inclination 0°/5°/10°/15° | encapsulated LED module with flat, formed optical cover of PMMA; easily replaceable for easy maintenance and suitability for the future | high quality, extremely weather-resistant coating in Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S) | insulation class: II | protection rating: IP66

Application areas

Especially suitable for glare-free lighting installations:

  • airports
  • expressways
  • areas with video monitoring
  • installations with security protection
  • security lighting for industrial facilities