Streetlight 10 mini

for post-top or side-entry mounting | asymmetric extremely wide distribution (P1.0a), for narrow roads and paths


  Installation sheet

Streetlight 10 mini LED, mast luminaire, primary light control with 3 zone facetted reflector, of plastic, aluminium vaporised, primary optical cover: cover, of PMMA, transparent, light distribution: P1.0a, light emission: direct distribution, primary light characteristic: asymmetric, installation type: side-entry, post-top, LED, LED High Power, rated luminous flux: 2.880lm, luminous efficacy: 116lm/W, light colour: 750, colour temperature: 5000K, control gear: ECG Basic, control: overheat protection, power reduction, electronic power reduction, with terminal, 4-pole, max. 2.5mm², mains connection: 220..240V, AC, 50/60Hz, start of lifetime: 25W, end of lifetime: 25W, reduction: 13W, luminaire housing, of diecast aluminium, powder-coated, Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S), length: 620mm, width: 170mm, height: 137mm, spigot size: 42/60/76mm (post-top) and 42/60mm (side-entry), mast flange for spigot size: 42mm: 5XA59000XM4, 60mm: 5XA59000XM2, 76mm: 5XA59000XM1, protection rating (complete): IP66, insulation class (complete): insulation class II (safety insulation), certification: CE, ENEC, VDE, permissible operating ambient temperature for outdoor applications: -25..+50°C, packaging unit: 1 piece

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SL10 Mini LED