narrow distribution - flicker free | with mounting bracket | for ECG wide distribution - flicker free | with mounting bracket | for ECG wide distribution - flicker free | with mounting bracket | for ECG narrow distribution | with mounting bracket | for LLCG
diffuse | with mounting bracket | for LLCG wide spread | with mounting bracket | for LLCG

The large SiCOMPACT® R3 MAXI projector fulfils the highest demands for performance and visual comfort as well as energy efficiency and operating cost efficiency. As such the luminaire is perfect for lighting sports arenas and large public areas. The version for operation with electronic control gear emits flicker-free light for TV-compliant illumination. Its innovative construction combines state-of-the-art lighting and luminaire technology to achieve light output ratios of up to 87%. The projector has been designed for luminous intensities of 2,000 to 30,000 cd/klm and can be adapted to a wide range of optical lighting tasks with seven various adjustments. The lighting technology has been optimised for the use of high efficiency 1000W or 2000W HIT-DE lamps, and with the special reflector geometry enables precise control of light with minimal light spill and glare. For longer maintenance cycles and a very high luminaire service life, the projector is equipped with an efficient thermal management system, reflected in the construction of the luminaire: eye-catching cooling ribs dominate the rear of the slimline projector. The rear is secured by a robust and practical locking catch that can be opened without tools for maintenance. The luminaire form and front side determine the relatively large-area optic. Construction of the housing has been kept as flat and as efficient as possible in order to minimise the effects of wind. The special aerodynamics, low weight and sophisticated sealing system make applications possible world-wide in nearly all weather conditions.

Special features
  • flicker-free lighting with version for ECG operation; especially suitable for TV-compliant lighting and video monitoring
  • compact construction: reflector = housing
  • flat construction: low windage area, low weight
  • thermal management: reflector flush with diecast aluminium housing, integrated cooling elements in rear of housing, connection box with integral ignitor isolated from housing
  • pressure equalisation system with air-permeable membrane for condensation avoidance in the housing
  • lamp cover of safety glass - no protective grid required
  • 7 stepped light distribution patterns from 2000 - 30000 cd/klm for a wide spectrum of applications
  • luminaire light output ratio nLB between 84% and 87%
  • optics partly implemented with new hexagonal facetted technology
  • V-shaped, inner shield prevents direct view of light source
  • all-pole mains disconnection with opening of housing
  • no external cables due to integrated terminal box and ignitor box
Lighting technology

Reflector of high-purity aluminium with maximum surface coating quality for light output ratios up to 87% | reflector versions for rotationally symmetric light distribution, for seven different beam angle grades | for luminous intensities of 2000 to 30000cd/klm | precise stray light control and glare-minimised light control via special reflector geometry; V-shaped inner shield prevents direct viewing of the lamp with flat inclination angle of projector; optional AGF module as additional glare protection for steep inclination angles | mounting bracket for precise adjustment of floodlight, simple adjustment |
Optional sighting device for precise alignment of the projector to predetermined set points


Luminaire with 3-pole connection terminal in connection box on mounting bracket with 3-pole connection terminal (version for electronic control unit: additional clip for shielded cable | version for instant hot re-ignition: 4-pole connection terminal), max. 2.5mm² | cable entry for cable D= 6…12mm | luminaire for separate CG unit (according to version for LLCG or ECG); ignitor or ignitor for instant hot re-ignition integrated in luminaire housing | all-pole mains disconnection with opening of housing |
Version for electronic control unit: 2-pole fuse protection on mains side is recommended | max. permissible cable length (ECG->luminaire): lmax = 150m; with l > 10m shielded cable required | shield clamp for 8...11mm cables


2-part housing of diecast aluminium, coated in Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S); with side mounting bracket of galvanised steel | all-round silicon gasket in housing profile | cover of flat, temperature-resistant, toughened safety glass | mounting bracket with adjustment feature for floodlight, with twist protection | pressure equalisation system with air-permeable membrane for condensation avoidance in the housing | protection rating: IP65 | insulation class: I

Application areas
  • sports arenas with optimal surface illumination and comparatively low glare
  • HDTV-compliant lighting