Safety information concerning Siteco high bay reflector luminaires with Type B integrated aluminium capacitors

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As a manufacturer of high quality lighting technology we place high importance on quality and the safety for our products.
In some of our products aluminium cup capacitors are used, as are used by many other luminaire manufacturers. During operation, it may happen that conditions occur on the inside of the capacitor that lead to bursting. These conditions may for example be caused by the following external factors:

  • harmonics in the power supply grid (often only detectable with measurements over long periods)
  • voltage peaks (switch-on peaks)
  • thermal overloading (e.g. via rectifier effect of the lamp due to lack of maintenance)

Regular maintenance can minimise the risk that leads to the specified factors. In this regard we refer to the appropriate maintenance recommendations (accident prevention regulations and recommendations of lamp manufacturers etc.).

To safeguard against these factors of influence on-site and to avoid bursting as far as possible, Siteco only uses aluminium cup capacitors with excess pressure relief (so-called Type B capacitors). Despite intensive component inspections of the capacitor manufacturers that far exceed existing standards, in individual cases operation of the capacitor may lead to a failing of the excess pressure relief inside the component.

As a result, the capacitor may burst. Within the framework of our continuous product inspections, we found that with highbay reflector luminaires with IP65 protection (reflector and cover panel), capacitor bursting and (due to luminaire construction) excessive increase of pressure within the luminaire and the reflector occurred, which led in very rare cases to the luminaire cover panel falling down.

In order to ensure that in these rare cases falling down of the panel is definitely avoided, and thus also avoiding danger to people and property, we recommend retrofitting the luminaires with a retaining cord. For the 5NJ3.. and 5NJ6.. series we offer a set for upgrading (Article No. 5NJ300100, set of 10 retaining cords and corresponding fixing).

We have decided to now only supply luminaires of this construction type with retaining cord, assuming this was not already a part of the delivery specification.

Our contacts in Sales would be glad to answer any further questions. You can find an overview of the sales offices on the internet at Contacts.

Siteco QM, issue: 23.02.2011