A perfect symbiosis of design and technology

The Quadrature® 2 has been designed as a modern luminaire family that unites functionality with appearance to enable the possibility of designing with light, and in a very wide spectrum of applications.

A focus on flexibility
Diversity within one family This applies to the installation options as well as construction forms and module dimensions. And also to the light source, because in addition to LED technology, Quadrature® 2 is also available with T16 lamps. All LED variants feature DALI integration and dimmability as standard.

An elegant design
A special feature of the Quadrature® 2 is its purist language of design. Whether recessed, surfaced-mounted or suspended: the housing always appears lightweight and the profile slender, akin to an elegant picture frame. The visible housing height of Quadrature® 2 is a mere 25 mm. The luminaire frame consists of extruded aluminium profile with perfectly machined mitre cuts.

Permanent light quality with low maintenance
ELDACON® microprismatics ensure homogeneous light distribution onto the working plane with glare reduction of UGR < 16. The PrevaLED® modules as the core of the luminaire are designed for 50,000 hours of life and operate under normal office use for 15 to 20 years without maintenance. The closed construction of the luminaires also permanently prevents the ingress of dirt and dust.

All benefits at a glance

  • a complete luminaire family with recessed, surface-mounted, rail and suspended variants, as well as various module dimensions
  • design features consistent, purist form and an especially flat body
  • ELDACON® prismatic technology for high quality of light and high visual comfort
  • flexibility for interior design with an independent luminaire arrangement within the room, even directly above workplaces
  • system service life of LED variants of up to 50,000 hours (L 70)
  • suitable for DVU workstations (UGR < 16)
  • available with LED or T16 lamp technology

Further informations:
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- Design award for Quadrature® 2

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