CL LED Bollard 30/ 60/ 90/ 120 - glare-free wide-area light

The CL LED bollards structure, orient and lend space a sense of depth. During the day they create and emphasise visual axes at varying heights, and at night they flank and delineate paths and routes.

The solution focuses on good quality of light, appropriate mounting heights, efficient, wide-area light distribution with minimised direct glare and precisely measured, wide luminaire spacing.

InThis is all made possible by the high-efficiency PrevaLED platform together with the CL LED bollard's sophisticated secondary reflector technology. The light from the LEDs is directed upwards onto a reflector and from there out of the housing via a light emission surface.

  • quality of light and visual comfort
    No direct glare due to secondary reflector system
  • Efficiency
    Real wide-area light due to highly homogeneous, wide illumination
  • Flexibility
    Four construction sizes (30, 60, 90, 120 cm), to light colours (3000K/ 4000K), one or two-sided light emission
  • Design
    IF Design Award 2008 for the complete family
  • easy mounting
    Siteco® adjustment module compensates for unevenness, pre-wiring with connection cable, and position of light emission aperture is also adjustable after mounting (360°)

Further informations
... CL LED Bollard in the electronic catalogue