CL LED Wall/Ceiling/Spot - Focused quality of light

During the hours of night the uplights and downlights of the CL LED series create an interplay of light and shadows. They lend bodies volume, surfaces character and determine the spatial relationship of objects. During the day CL LED luminaires again become elements that blend optimally into the architectural context.

The combination of design and functionality is outstanding. The brief was to create an uniform visual appearance in terms of form, materials, impression and surfaces for all elements of the CL LED family to achieve harmonious overall installations.

The high-efficiency lighting technology of the CL LED family features clean cut-offs and harmonious luminance distribution. Horizontal and vertical surfaces are precisely illuminated without light spill. The one and two-sided surface-mounted luminaires for example highlight the structures of buildings, outer walls and entrances,

  • quality of light and visual comfort
    High efficiency lighting technology specifically developed for LEDs, with clean cut-offs for precise illumination of horizontal and vertical surfaces
    Very good colour rendering value of CRI 80
  • Efficiency
    Long operating life for housing of qualitative, robust diecast aluminium and for the LED module (50,000 hours)
  • Flexibility
    Various construction sizes (mini, midi, maxi), lumen packages (800/2000 lm), light colours (3000K/ 4000K) with ceiling and wall surface-mounted spotlights
  • Design
    IF Design Award 2008 for the complete family
  • easy mounting
    Easy mounting system for simple fixing of the luminaire head to the wall bracket
    Ground stake with CL Spotlight
  • compatibility
    All attachment discs (simple colour glasses and dichroic colour glasses) fit both the spotlight and for all wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires

Further information
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