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Monsun® 2 LED
for livestock farming

narrow distribution

Damp-proof diffuser luminaire for ceiling or wall surface mounting or suspended mounting

  • direct narrow distribution with decent ceiling illumination; with injection-moulded prismatic cover
  • according to version switchable or light control via DALI; with halogen-free wiring; luminaire connection via external plug connection
  • housing of glass-fibre reinforced polyester, grey; cover of PMMA; housing and cover sealed for life; V2A fixing elements; plug connection of polyamide; luminaire tested for ammonia tolerance
  • protection rating: IP66
  • insulation class: I
  • protection symbol: D
  • impact resistance: IK03
  • temperature range: ta= -35…+40°C (ON/OFF) | ta= -25…+40°C (DALI); (ta max. limited to 40°C in ammonia-containing atmospheres in livestock farming stables)
  • rated service life: 50,000h (L80/B50) at ta= 40°C
  • with DC voltage operation (220…240V): luminous flux reduction to approx. 15%



LampsColour temperatureColour renderingNet luminous fluxConnected loadLuminous efficacyControlThrough-wiringWt. (kg)GTIN (EAN)Order No.
enclosure, PMMA
LED4000KCRI > 804100lm26W158lm/WON/OFF2.640507375991205LS51271TAN  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 804100lm26W158lm/WON/OFF3x 1.5mm²2.640507375991445LS51271TAN003  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 806300lm42W150lm/WON/OFF2.540507379599245LS51276TAN  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 806300lm42W150lm/WON/OFF3x 1.5mm²2.640507379599485LS51276TAN003  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 804100lm37.3W110lm/WDALI2.740507375995405LS512D1TCN  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 804100lm37.3W110lm/WDALI5x 1.5mm²2.840507375995645LS512D1TCN005  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 806250lm43W145lm/WDALI2.840507379600055LS512D6TCN  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 806250lm43W145lm/WDALI5x 1.5mm²2.840507379600295LS512D6TCN005  put product into the notepad