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Floodlight 20 mini LED

with mounting bracket | rotationally symmetric distribution

Floodlight with mounting bracket for mounting to wall, ceiling, cross-arm or supporting structure

  • LED with lens, rotationally symmetric distribution (RS17) for spotlighting and presentation of objects; with flat cover
  • microprocessor-controlled LED operating electronics
  • housing of diecast aluminium; bracket of galvanised steel; all parts in Siteco® metallic grey (DB 702S); cover of toughened safety glass (ESG); housing of LED module and cover sealed for life
  • protection rating: IP66
  • insulation class: I (Basic) | insulation class II (Plus)
  • temperature range: -40…+40°C (outdoor installations: to +50°C)
  • rated service life: 100,000h (L80/B10) at ta= 25°C
  • recommended mounting height: MH= 5…8m
  • luminaire inclination: 0…±180° (outdoor installations: …±170°), settable in 5° steps



LampsColour temperatureColour renderingNet luminous fluxLight distributionConnected loadLuminous efficacyControl Wt. (kg)GTIN (EAN)Order No.
Control Basic
LED4000KCRI > 706810lmRS1751W134lm/WBasicinsulation class I (protective earthing)6.640583522205975XA7671B2B1AC  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 7013350lmRS1796W139lm/WBasicinsulation class I (protective earthing)7.440583522206725XA7671C2B1AC  put product into the notepad
Control Plus
LED3000KCRI > 805350lmRS1751W105lm/WPlusinsulation class II (safety insulation)6.640583522207955XA7672B1B1AC  put product into the notepad
LED3000KCRI > 8010480lmRS1796W109lm/WPlusinsulation class II (safety insulation)7.040583522593995XA7672C1B1AC  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 706810lmRS1751W134lm/WPlusinsulation class II (safety insulation)6.640583522210135XA7672B2B1AC  put product into the notepad
LED4000KCRI > 7013350lmRS1796W139lm/WPlusinsulation class II (safety insulation)7.840583522212355XA7672C2B1AC  put product into the notepad