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LumIdent app

Quick, simple calling up and configuration of luminaire data via app and luminaire database.
Luminaires from SITECO are becoming increasingly individual. To quickly identify the luminaire configuration used, e.g. for configuration or ordering spare parts, it is crucial to quickly call up the luminaire values.
With LumIdent, SITECO provides a type plate showing the configuration of the luminaire on the smartphone. The LumIdent type plate is a simple tool that makes work easier for users. Each luminaire can be individually identified via a QR code. The QR code is attached by the factory to the luminaire and packaging. The additional two stickers contained in the package contents can be attached individually, e.g. to the inside of the junction box and to the documentation provided by the customer. By scanning the QR code with any QR code scanner, the factory luminaire data can be called up.

In conjunction with the LumIdent App, all relevant data of the luminaire can also be viewed on a smart device, depending on user rights. Changes over the lifetime can also be displayed with registered luminaires.
The LumIdent app is a simple tool for commissioning, maintenance and documentation of all Siteco luminaires. It shortens workflows by carrying out several parameterisation and documentation processes in a single operation. Sources of error are thus minimised.
The quality of the recorded data is optimised. The number of tools used is reduced. In daily use, the data records are therefore recorded during scanning and stored in a database. This means that all luminaire data is available for other software solutions, customer-specific software tools or Smart City applications.

  • quickly identify the luminaire by QR code
  • thus simplifies spare parts management
  • obtain information about the set parameters of the luminaire
  • track parameters set and changed by registration
  • gain access to troubleshooting tools