Saving energy with daylight systems and lighting management

As much daylight as possible, as little artificial light as required – this is the principle that increasingly governs convincing lighting concepts.

This not only takes advantage of the benefits of natural light but also implements artificial lighting as the perfect supplement. Light management systems control luminaires steplessly and ensure that just enough light is added as required for a specific lighting task.

As expert partners for lighting planners and architects, Siteco and OSRAM offer the complete product spectrum for such lighting: efficient luminaires, intelligent control and daylight systems.

Daylight is free and is often available in sufficient quantities. Those who use it save energy. After all, artificial lighting in many office buildings for example represents more than a quarter of total energy consumption. It is here that saving potential is found.

Daylight systems are the first important building block for efficiency. They reduce the need for artificial lighting and therefore power costs as well. A second factor is selection of the correct luminaires, whether with standard technology or LED. A third point is support by a coordinated light management system that exploits the existing savings potential and controls artificial light according to requirements.