Micro sun shielding louvre

Micro sun shielding louvres have been designed for roof glazing and their application is optimal in lightly inclined roof constructions. While the blocking area reflects direct sunlight, the highly pure aluminium layer guides the diffuse light almost completely without light spill into the room.

Micro sun shielding louvres consist of plastic louvres featuring specular ultra-pure aluminium, with outstanding reflective properties. Specially formed lateral and longitudinal lamellae define the blocking and transition ranges of the light.

During installation the closed lamella surface is aligned to the south and the louvre opening to the north, thus causing direct sunlight to be reflected while intensive zenith light and diffuse daylight is allowed to pass unimpeded into the room. In this way a high level of ergonomic light is achieved with precise colour rendering.

The micro sun shielding louvre creates a pleasant room atmosphere. It is perceived as a fine network structure, simultaneously offering viewers a free view of the outside.

The highly sensitive louvres need to be completely protected from humidity and dirt particles. In order to offer a comprehensive guarantee, the systems are always delivered in functional state, pre-installed in double or triple glazing.

Technical data

max. dimensionsapprox. 2.20 x 3.00 m or approx. 1.50 x 4.00 m
total energy transmittance rateg = 14%
directed light transmissionTau = 0 - 55%
diffuseTau = 12 - 38%
colour rendering indexRa = 97
coefficient of heat transmission U = 1.1 - 1.5 W/m²K
intermediate space between panes SZR = 24 mm

- Aldi Future Store Rastatt
- Lufthansa Aviation Center Frankfurt
- Burda Media Park
- Procter & Gamble
- Mozarteum
- German Bundestag