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Traditional city lighting with state of the art technology

Bell-shaped luminaires are very popular in many towns, cities and communities due to their pleasant, timeless appearance—for example in city centers, on bridges and promenades. Bell LED combines a classic appearance with powerful LED technology. This module, which also replaces the obsolete lighting technology in refurbishment projects, enables precise light distributions with high quality of light thanks to HD faceted reflectors, as well as the integration of innovative control options for even more efficient operation.

BIG/SMALL BELL at a glance:

  • Classic luminaire range with modern LED technology in two sizes
  • A wide range of options due to various light distributions, light colors, covers and brackets
  • Precise, glare-free lighting technology via HD faceted reflector
  • High energy-saving potential and tool-free handling with refurbishments
  • Intelligent control electronics for light according to needs

With its two sizes, the BELL is a flexible all-rounder that can easily master light spacing of 30 to 40 meters. Thanks to the module concept, old systems can be upgraded simply, quickly and in a sustainable way—with up to 80 percent energy savings compared to SON.

Areas of application:

  • Parking lots
  • Residential areas
  • Service and collection roads
  • Plazas


The right luminaire for every need