Light management for indoor applications

In order to design a diverse range of indoor and outdoor spaces with light, manifold lighting concepts are needed. Light management solutions are focussed upon people and architecture.

Siteco lighting management solutions are determined by the 'Light For Vitality' approach, a combination of individual lighting components for an optimal spacial quality. The well-being of the individual is of primary importance, when according to the use of the room, a correct use of lighting and an optimal lighting design in relation to daytime and night-time hours is apparent.

Light management is not just concerned with well-being and functionality – an important factor is energy efficiency. According to requirements, a differentiation is made between luminaire, room or building solutions in indoor areas.

Luminaire solutions:
These are are based on time-dependant, daylight-dependant and presence-dependant controlling. For example, the Siteco Futurel® 5MS floorstanding uplight with integral brightness and presence detector makes sure a constant lighting level is maintained. It switches off (with a timed delay) as soon as the room is empty of people.

Room and building solutions:
Luminaire groups have varying switched and dimmed conditions and can be defined as lighting scenes, accessible via the lighting management system. The lighting management of a multi-functional room allows for example the setting and accessing of lighting scenes for such uses as seminars, receptions, media presentations and lectures. Changeable lighting scenes in a room result in an improved usage of the manifold technical characteristics of modern lighting systems and their optical possibilities. A further advantage is the efficient use of electrical energy and a resulting reduction in operational costs.

The ever-increasing demands for comfort and efficiency in the opration of buildings has resulted in the deployment of modern, digital control systems that address a wide spectrum of building requirements. In complex buildings, comprehensive facility management systems are used. Light management is an important factor here and offers solutions for the following main areas:

Economic aspects

  • daylight-dependant controls
  • integration of light and glare restriction.
  • automation of routine assignments
  • maintenance improvement with malfunction signalling
  • central management

Ecological Aspects

  • cross-application energy management
  • cost transparency

Structural aspects

  • optimising of flexibility in relation to usage
  • rapid spacial changes with little effort
  • easy adaptation of spaces according to company-specific changes
LCD touch panel (5LZ904741)
controller (5LZ904712)
DALI rotary dimmer (5LZ902050)
operating panel (5LZ904744)
DALI repeater (5LZ904001)