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With Litepole, public lighting becomes a part of effective city marketing. Both Litepole 1 with its cylindrical body and Litepole 2 in a classic lantern design with canopy blend ideally into all urban environments and harmonize in equal measure with both historical and modern architecture.

The luminaires score points not only with economical operation and their high quality of light without glare effects, but also with a wide range of design options. On request, the modules can be color-designed and the covers individually printed.

Litepole 1 + 2 at a glance:

  • Timeless luminaire range with elegant design, with/without canopy
  • High visual comfort due to qualitative optic with HD faceted reflector
  • Standard variants with white/gray module colors and clear/frosted cover
  • Optionally with individual color design and printing
  • Simple maintenance due to tool-free access to gear tray

Litepole 1 + 2 are suitable for all urban applications where low mounting heights are required. With the diverse design options of the luminaires, streets are transformed into feel-good zones with a high recognition value and thus a part of city marketing.

  • Footpaths and cycle paths
  • Parks and green areas
  • Frontage streets
  • Inner-city areas, e.g. pedestrian zones and plazas

The right luminaire for every need