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SCRIPTUS® is SITECO’s luminaire for modern office environments. It’s an attractively designed lighting tool that provides high luminous flux and complies with all relevant glare control criteria. Thanks to their configurable settings, the Tunable White models are ideal for implementing Human Centric Lighting programs using biologically activating light. The capability of configuring precise color temperature and brightness levels – with direct and indirect lighting components that are separately controllable – brings maximum flexibility and individual tuning options.

SCRIPTUS® at a glance

  • Linear family of office lights for surface and suspended mounting
  • High-quality lighting technology with new MLA optical system for glare-free visual comfort
  • Good glare control (UGR≤19)
  • High efficiency of up to 140 lm/W
  • Maximum flexibility for planning purposes thanks to choice of lengths and lumen packages
  • Available with Tunable White functionality

SCRIPTUS® is the new LED design light for professional office lighting

An integral part of the luminaire design, the new Multi-Lens Array (MLA) system combines outstanding glare reduction with high visual comfort. Its UGR ≤ 19 rating means SCRIPTUS® also meets relevant criteria for the illumination of computer workstations.

Progressive, contemporary design coupled with outstanding efficiency and light quality 

Designed by the renowned Berlin design studio Aisslinger, the office luminaire has a clear and modern look and is available in a variety of versions, lengths, mounting options and lumen packages.

High flexibility for more individuality 

Separately controllable direct and indirect lighting components enable a high degree of individual customization and deliver the greatest visual comfort possible. Equipped with DALI control unit as standard, SCRIPTUS® is also available with optionally integrated daylight and motion sensors. In addition to 3000 K and 4000 K light colors, there is also a Tunable White version that provides biologically effective light in office environments.


SCRIPTUS® suspended mounting
SCRIPTUS® Ceiling surface mounting