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The luminaire of the futureStreetlight 11

Streetlight 11 combines award-winning design with outstanding light quality, efficient performance and reliable operation. The Streetlight 11 family is a future-proof lighting concept ready to meet all the demands of today’s modern cities.

Now Streetlight 11 is available with Smart Interface, a standard connection according to Zhaga Book 18. Smart Interface puts state-of-the-art smart technology in your hands today - and into the future.

The future starts now

Streetlight 11 combines the best aspects of modern street lighting. With pioneering technology and an award-winning modular design, the Streetlight 11 family is a powerful and flexible solution for lighting towns and cities.

  • High efficiency plus low energy consumption delivers rapid payback
  • Outstanding light technology supplies optimum visibility
  • Cradle-to-grave sustainability model
  • Upgrade to future LED generations through modular design
  • Optional Smart Interface for IoT compatibility
  • Winner of an iF Design Award, a mark of outstanding design achievement

Flexible configurations for every situation

The range of luminaires in the Streetlight 11 family has the same modular concept and design properties, enabling the entire range to be used citywide for a harmonised appearance.

  • Three construction sizes – Micro, Mini, Midi
  • Six housing colours
  • Six optic choices
  • Two colour temperatures
  • Range of control options
  • Optional Smart Interface 

The most important benefits of Street Light Control

Welcome to the controls revolution

In the past, controls were built into the luminaire. Today, you’re released from this limitation.

Connect lighting controls and sensors externally and test them beforehand, retrofit at any time, mount them yourself and use them across several luminaire types.

It’s all made possible by our Smart Interface, a standardized screw connection according to Zhaga Book 18. SITECO Smart Interface provides freedom to select and retrofit the outdoor lighting control system of your choice. Over 20 sensors and tele management systems are available, with D4i certification to assure compatibility.

Streetlight 11 now available with Smart Interface. Read about the topics and terms you need to know in our Controls Revolution document. Click here to go to the downloadpage

The right luminaire for every need

Streetlight 11 – almost unlimited possibilities already as standard