SL 31 -
Reduce to Max.

To achieve
the maximum ...

... you need to focus on the essentials:

Perfect light. High level of convenience. High energy efficiency.
Flexibility today and tomorrow. Environmental protection and sustainability.

SL 31 - reduce to max. Made in Traunreut.

All product types, all data sheets  

Streetlight SL 31 at a glance - product flyer


  • Various light distributions and colors (2,200 K to 4,000 K)

  • Four sizes (lumen packages: 2,000 lm to 35,000 lm)

  • Clean design across all sizes

  • Customized and special solutions ex works

  • Tool-less opening system 
  • Inclinable luminaire body as post-top / side entry solution
  • 3 different spigots available  
    • 76/60mm
      (tilt options: post-top  -15° … +20°;  side-entry: -20° … +20°)
    • 60/48/42mm
      (tilt options: post-top -15° … +20°;  side-entry: -20° … +20°)
    • Optional: flexible spigot 76mm - 34mm
      (tilt options: post-top -15° … +30°;  side-entry: -30° … +25°)
  • All parts relevant for operation in one package
  • Zhaga/NEMA interfaces for sensors, lighting control and networking

  • Wireless readout and parameterization, even retrospectively (Desk-Remote)

  • 7 dimming levels with additional control options (Night-Set)

  • Made in Traunreut (development, design and production)
  • EPD certification by independent testing institute
  • All components from our own production / from Europe and separable by type
  • Modular spare parts and smart packaging concept

The core competence
of SL 31?

She makes many things differently! Simpler and less complicated.

For example, how about effortless parameterization of the light through the box? Tension-free. Effortlessly. In the blink of an eye. More details can be found in our product flyer. 

Sophisticated to the max!

Intelligent. Connected. 100 % flexible.

SL 31 offers Zhaga and NEMA (7 pin) interfaces - solutions that give you complete flexibility. Many radio control systems and sensors can easily be installed via plug & play. That makes you independent. And future-proofs your lighting. 

Details on lighting control.


A design ...

... that makes a difference. 

For details please click on the red circles. 

You want SL 31 for your project? Get in touch with us!

Made in Germany? We take it a step further.

Made in Traunreut.


From the initial idea to the finished luminaire - all steps for the SL 31 take place here in Traunreut. For maximum short distances and delivery times. High flexibility. Outstanding quality.


The light from the SL 31 only goes where it is really needed. No stray light. No light pollution.

Development, design, production, warehouse. At SL 31, we bundle everything at the Traunreut site. That keeps distances short. And delivery times too. And because we love the environment, we work largely plastic-free. Even when it comes to packaging.

Few components, low material consumption, recyclable materials and components from Europe, modular product and spare parts concept. No wonder the SL 31 is EPD-certified according to the most stringent criteria. And that from an independent body.

It can be dimmed and controlled as required. For the safety of people. For as little disruption to flora and fauna as possible.