SL 31 -
Reduce to Max.

Heading for
the maximum ...

... one must concentrate on the essentials:

Perfect light. Maximum comfort. Maximum efficiency.
Flexibility today and tomorrow. Environmental protection and sustainability.

SL 31 - reduce to max. Made in Traunreut.

Maximum flexibility
Maximum Design
Maximum sophistication
Maximum sustainability


  • Various light distributions and colors (2,200 K to 4,000 K)

  • Four sizes (lumen packages: 2,000 lm to 35,000 lm)

  • Clean design across all sizes

  • Customized and special solutions ex works

  • Tool-less opening system 
  • Inclinable luminaire body as post-top / side entry (universal mast flange)
  • All parts relevant for operation in one package
  • Zhaga/NEMA interfaces for sensors, lighting control and networking

  • Wireless readout and parameterization, even retrospectively (Desk Remote)

  • 7 dimming levels with additional control options (night set)


  • Takes responsibility: With light only where it is really needed. 

  • Fulfills environmental protection guidelines: development, design, production, warehouse. All bundled at our Traunreut premisses. For short distances. And delivery times.

  • Thinks ahead: dimmable and controllable as required. For people, flora and fauna.

  • The epitome of sustainability: Few components, low material consumption, recyclable materials from Europe. EPD-certified all round. From an independent body.

Made in Germany? We take it a step further. Our philosophy

Made in Traunreut.


From the initial idea to the finished luminaire - all steps for the SL 31 take place here in Traunreut. For maximum short distances and delivery times. High flexibility. Outstanding quality.