The future. In one luminaire!

Enjoy the convenience offered by SITECO iQ functions today. Switch to the connected world tomorrow. Completely flexible. Equipped for everything.

Luminaires with SITECO iQ Smart-Interface  - the most convenient and future-proof luminaires in the history of light. 
Streetlighting with intelligence squared and absolutely unrivaled!


What exactly does Smart-Interface mean?
SITECO iQ Smart-Interface complies with the Zhaga D4i standard, which means that the interface is standardized according to Zhaga Book 18: So you can be sure that wireless accessories and sensors are really compatible.

SITECO iQ Smart-Interface enables you to ensure all control needs and requirements of the future. Your benefits:

  • Control systems & sensors can be retrofitted independently of the luminaire purchase.
  • You can flexibly switch between control systems.

System compatibility: Any control system can be used. Independent of the manufacturer.

Extension of the luminaire's own iQ functions with additional external devices and functionalities.

Today: Enjoy the convenience offered by the iQ functions


Let's talk up-to-date street lighting: Retrofitting radio control and sensor technology - is it possible?


Sure! With SITECO iQ Smart-Interface, your luminaires are ready to go. You take the next step whenever you want. Enjoy complete convenience with SITECO iQ today.
Integrate sensors and radio control flexibly tomorrow.

 That's intelligence squared.

Replacing defective parts – always a nuisance. It means a lot of manual effort. Isn’t there a simpler way?


Yes! With SITECO iQ Smart-Interface & Auto-Match. Simply swap components, data is transferred automatically. In minutes. And you have also set ground for the integration of future sensor and radio control systems. Effortless and uncomplicated.

That's intelligence squared.

Parameterizing luminaires – that calls for good weather, two men and a cherry picker. Isn’t there a simpler way?


Yes! With SITECO iQ Smart-Interface & Desk-Remote or Street-Remote. With Desk-Remote you can adjust the luminaires without unpacking in the workshop. With Street-Remote easily via app from the sidewalk. Without a cherry picker and a lot of effort. And in any weather. 

You have also set the course for the integration of future sensor and radio control systems with Smart-Interface. Effortless and uncomplicated!

That's intelligence squared.

Investing in lighting control without changing the existing infrastructure – is it possible?


Yes, sure! With SITECO iQ Smart-Wire you can start right away and dim with the existing control wires! Sensor and radio control systems can be integrated flexibly in the future thanks to Smart-Interface.

That's intelligence squared!


Tomorrow: Effortlessly switch to the connected world.


Intelligent. Connected.

100 % flexible.

When and how to upgrade to modern lighting control? You decide!

With our solutions, you remain completely flexible. Thanks to Smart Interface, the SL 11 has standardized interfaces that ensure plug & play installation of many radio control systems and sensors. And of course, you can also stay in the SITECO world when it comes to sensors and networking: With SITECO Connect, we offer our own compatible control system.

That makes you independent. And future-proofs your lighting. Curious? Then get in touch with us.


Details on lighting control.


Light. Trendsetting.

Operational Management. Maximum comfort. 

Say goodbye to mountains of paper and manual processes. Instead, manage everything centrally from one interface. To manage, control, maintain and service.

Let's start today - and together define the light and management of tomorrow for your municipality.


Contact us to learn more about your options with luxData.easy.


How does this work?

SITECO luminaires can be inventoried via QR code and transferred to an app called luxData.easy. This automatically supplements the luminaire data with important information such as location, time of installation and type of installation.