DL 11 iQ -
The new urban lightness. 

DL 11 iQ.

The new urban lightness. 

DL 11 iQ excels in all urban areas. In pedestrian zones and city centers as well as in parks and green spaces. Highlighting details and creating atmosphere in public spaces and prestigious squares. Providing structure and orientation on cycle paths, service and collection roads. Always with impressive clarity and elegant minimalism.




Expressing the urban character. 

Minimalist. Elegant. Almost weightless. High-quality materials and aesthetic accents. Details skillfully staged. For a calm, structured streetscape and townscape.

Reducing to the essentials is not limitation, but freedom. And brings the urban character of your city to life.

DL 11 iQ. For not only illuminating but also showcasing urban spaces.


down to the smallest detail.


  • Smooth transitions and rounded edges – for a seamless and flawless design.
  • High-quality materials, such as lacquer with wax content, create the perfect forever look.
  • Minimalist and stylish design with integrated cable routing and sensor technology. 


That is the signature feature of DL 11 iQ. A wide range of models, different sizes, configuration options and mounting types offer numerous applications and individual uses.

Series production? Individual customization solution? There are no limits. Because customized customer solutions are also standard for us.

Let the unique character of your city shine - with DL 11 iQ.


Innovation, modularly packaged.

And configurable to order.


DL 11 iQ luminaires with Module 540 unite all the advantages of innovative SITECO lighting technology within a simple modular concept:

  • Individual, digitally controllable light 
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Reliable operation
  • Excellent visibility 

That’s robust technology that looks damn good. And that creates an atmosphere of comfort and ease.



The intelligent features of DL 11 iQ are integrated seamlessly into the design – the purist design is maintained throughout. In addition, all features can be operated easily and conveniently.

DL 11 iQ – making sure you’re ideally equipped for whatever the future holds.


Unleash the full potential ...

... of your lighting solution with SITECO iQ, our patented control electronics developed in-house. For light that is even more efficient. And that can be managed really conveniently via app.

Details on SITECO iQ        

Details on the SITECO iQ tools


Lighting control
Lighting control

Control solutions that offer complete freedom.

Continuous light, group control and light only when needed: Thanks to Smart-Interface and Smart Plug, DL 11 iQ luminaires with Module 540 have standardized interfaces based on Zhaga Book 18, D4i, which enable plug & play mounting of many compatible radio-based control systems and sensors.

Details lighting control

SITECO & luxData.easy
SITECO & luxData.easy

The next step in communal management.

SITECO luminaires can be inventoried via QR code and transmitted to luxData.easy. The luminaire data can thus be supplemented with important information such as location, time of installation and type of installation.

Forget about stacks of paper and manual processes. And instead handle everything centrally from one interface – manage, control, maintain and service. Let’s get started today – and together define the light and management of the future for your towns and cities.



Production that respects environmental protection guidelines. Locally, without long transport routes. For an exceptional regional added value. Enduring materials and upgrades in no time thanks to exchangeable components. Fully needs-driven lighting. Environmentally-friendly, plastic-free packaging. And finally: single-type separation of all materials. For us, this all means sustainability.

DL 11 iQ ...

As little light as possible in the sky is our goal. By cleverly adjusting the module and covers, Module-540 models make it possible to reduce light pollution to < 1%.

From die-cast aluminum housings to the latest generations of LEDs with special lighting technology we developed — everything is designed for long-lasting operation and significant COsavings.

Factory settings with iQ functions can be reset at any time via Bluetooth in front of the mast. Complete flexibility thanks to needs-based dimming, switching and control. 

Modules, drivers and other components can be replaced easily, sometimes even without tools — the ideal way to make repairs or add updates in no time at all. 

SITECO follows environmental protection guidelines for its production operations in Germany. That means: No long transport routes that stretch halfway around the globe and packaging that uses as little plastic as possible.


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