Floodlight FL 21
Flexible and smart like never before.

Floodlight FL 21 - the versatile multitalent.

Floodlight FL 21: The SITECO product family is well known for its lighting quality and reliability. And thanks to this product line’s robustness, perfect for parking areas, halls, industry, sports and recreation. The latest generation is more intelligent, more flexible and more environmentally conscious than ever before.

  • Three sizes.
    (FL 21 midi: Available Q2 2024. Don't want to wait that long? Your alternative ) 
  • One consistend design.
  • All the details that modern lighting needs: Like, for example, abundant models for connecting and brand-new control features.

This makes light not only flexible, but smart as well
Floodlight FL 21 – the versatile multitalent with an exceptional iQ!

How smart do you like it?
DALI, Multilumen, Smart Interface and SITECO iQ - Floodlight FL 21 is ready. 

What design do you prefer?
Simple support bracket or stylish design bracket? Whether your project involves mast-top mounting or mast-side mounting or even mounting two floodlights on a mast: Floodlight FL 21 flexibly meets your installation requirements as well.

Environmentally friendly down to the smallest detail.
“Green” lighting addresses many issues related to environmental protection: Separable materials and exchangeable components. The right kind of packaging. Floodlight FL 21 stands for all this and consequently makes a real contribution to environmental protection..

Flexible installation?

For sure!

Hardly any other floodlight family boasts as much flexibility and versatility as Floodlight FL 21. No matter if mounted on a w all, crossbars or a mast. No matter if mounted low or high on canopies and facades. FL 21 masters different looks equally well: stylish using a design bracket and reserved using a support bracket as well as powerful when you mount two floodlights on a mast.

Installing Floodlight FL 21 is also more flexible than ever before.
And always meets your needs.

Used everywhere.

Always indestructible.

This floodlight is not made of sugar: Salty spray, chlorinated water, emergency operation: Floodlight FL 21 holds its own no matter how tough the environment.

Gentle on environment like never before.

Targeted with no light pollution.
Thanks to an asymmetrical light distribution system, FL 21 floodlights direct light with targeted precision onto the respective surface – and only there. Without scattered light or light pollution to contend with, the sky remains dark and nature and the neighborhood undisturbed.

Environmental protection – through and through.
Not only does the design score points thanks to a flexible modular system. Modular thinking also infused the FL 21’s inner values: The ECG and LED module are cleanly separated, which makes replacing the components easy.

Smart like never before

  • With conventional control via DALI
  • or as a networked solution
    • incl. our self-developed and patented control system SITECO iQ. With its help, you can unleash the full potential of intelligent control. You can manage everything conveniently via the iQ app.


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iQ app in detail


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FL 21 at a glance

Product details, specifications -
you can find everything at a glance in our FL 21 flyer. 

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