SITECO Connect Casambi


Building vicinity outdoor lighting - such as parking lots, areas, paths and roads - can be easily controlled by radio. Either as a stand-alone radio network, e.g. for networking motion detectors, or as a central control from a building management or DALI interior lighting control.

It is made possible by the Smart Plug Casambi, a Zhaga radio and outdoor luminaires with Smart Interface. The Smart Plug Casambi is easily adjusted with the Casambi smartphone app. From now on, it networks the outdoor luminaires wirelessly. It also controls and networks Motion 2PIR motion detectors connected to the luminaires.

Adding the Smart Plug Box creates a wireless DALI gateway that enables the transition from a building's DALI lines to the outdoor radio network. This is how you easily integrate outdoor luminaires into your DALI line network via radio. Up to 64 outdoor luminaires per gateway can be individually addressed via DALI or controlled via DALI broadcast