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With Powerline technology, existing power grids can be used to set up a network for data transmission – without the need for additional cabling. This makes it the ideal technology for lighting systems that can be easily and inexpensively expanded into a communication network. SITECO relies on the powerline standard ISO/IEC 14908, which enables cross-manufacturer integration of system components.

Controlling and monitoring via Powerline

luminaire controller for mast recessing

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Article lighting management components

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Please order further SLC lighting management components separately if required


Order No.: 5EA3QP800201GTIN (EAN): 4058352369074
ArticleWt. (kg)
luminaire controller, LON Powerline protocol, recessed in mast0.3

Order No.: 5EA3QP800201GTIN (EAN): 4058352369074

Articleluminaire controller, LON Powerline protocol, recessed in mast
Wt. (kg)0.3