Licross® 11/21 for local control

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45 years of experience – trunking Made in Germany perfected in our Licross® trunking system. The one-for-all concept offers a variety of luminaire inserts and functional expansion options for maximum flexibility and future compatibility. With a unique 14 cores, the rail system becomes the backbone of the building infrastructure and is ready for a wide range of applications – both today and tomorrow. The luminaire inserts feature outstanding lighting technology with up to 200lm/W for low operating costs as well as SITECO-typical optic technology for top visual conditions. Various expansions from sensors to the UVC air disinfection unit open up a wide horizon of applications which exceed mere lighting and create even more added value.

system solution for production halls

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Equipment master
Article controller


Standalone controller for use in production halls enables multifunctional use with one solution product
Quick and tool-free installation in the Licross® trunking rail
Additional light sensor D1 required for daylight detection (for mounting heights between 4...12m)
Working range of the light sensor D1 can be precisely adjusted to local conditions
Daylight-dependent lighting control with averaging (between all light sensors) creates perfect lighting conditions with maximum energy efficiency
Optional repeater to increase the number of DALI ECGs in a local control solution
Optional push-button coupler enables the integration of on-site push-buttons from a wide variety of manufacturers/switch ranges. You can therefore react flexibly to the customer

Configuration & Datasheets

  • commissioning with app (Osram BT Config)


Licross®, master

Order No.: 56TL1CBM0BGTIN (EAN): 4058352579022
ArticleApplication areaWt. (kg)Price (EUR)
controllerproduction/manufacturing, for narrow rooms, e.g. corridors, for low rooms, i.e. car parks, for stairways0.3215.70

Licross®, master

Order No.: 56TL1CBM0BGTIN (EAN): 4058352579022

Application areaproduction/manufacturing, for narrow rooms, e.g. corridors, for low rooms, i.e. car parks, for stairways
Wt. (kg)0.3
Price (EUR)215.70

Mandatory accessory

ArticleSensor-Module D1, DALI 2, central control, local controlPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.5Price (EUR)282.90Order No.: 56TL1MDSD1BGTIN (EAN): 4058352542422Show details
Articlepush button interfacePU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.1Price (EUR)141.50Order No.: 5LZ904731AGTIN (EAN): 4058352580318Show details

Optional accessory

Articlerepeater, masterPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.3Price (EUR)380.80Order No.: 56TL1CRM0BGTIN (EAN): 4058352595497Show details