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What do shops, large offices, hotels and industrial halls have in common? They are all spacious and need loudspeakers for announcements, music or voice alarms. With our SITECO Connect Audio solution, Licross® becomes a communication medium. This saves redundant electrical installations, because two free wires in the trunking system are quickly used for audio transmission.


Article desktop mixer power amplifier
Connected load 120W


Desktop mixer amplifier with 120W power for a powerful audio signal and suitable for connecting up to 10 speakers
With 2 universal audio inputs for the parallel connection of microphone and music source for maximum flexibility and ease of use
Easily usable as a tabletop device or installed in common mounting racks

Configuration & Datasheets


Order No.: 59UA3VTGTIN (EAN): 4058352419687
desktop mixer power amplifier

Order No.: 59UA3VTGTIN (EAN): 4058352419687

Articledesktop mixer power amplifier