Decentralized air disinfection

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Take your hygiene concept to the next level. Invisible, but not to be overlooked - the virus contamination of the air in closed rooms should not be underestimated. As light experts, we know: A reliable method for air disinfection is to irradiate an air flow with UVC light. Reliably fight viruses, bacteria and germs - whether in the office, healthcare, retail, school, gastronomy or senior citizens' facilities. The device is unobtrusive, safe and quiet in operation thanks to the integrative design and shielded fan.

Together against viruses and bacteria

UV-C air desinfection device

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Bestykning 4x TC-LEL-UV 60/95W
Styring PÅ/AV
Materiale rustfritt stål
Kapslingsklasse IP20
Isolasjonsklasse VK I (vernejording)


No radiation outside the closed UV-C chamber
Low noise emission (< 40db)
Without the use of chemicals
No formation of ozone
Luftstrøm: 385m³/h
Recommended number of devices with 6-fold air circulation per hour: 1 device for every 25m² room area (with a room height of 2.55m)

Configuration & Datasheets


UVC Air Disinfector, UVC luftdesinfiseringsanordning

Bestillingsnummer: 51MAUVC GTIN (EAN): 4058352493861
BestykningTilkoblingseffektStyringVekt (kg)
4x TC-LEL-UV 60/95Wmaks. 360WPÅ/AV7,2

UVC Air Disinfector, UVC luftdesinfiseringsanordning

Bestillingsnummer: 51MAUVCGTIN (EAN): 4058352493861

Bestykning4x TC-LEL-UV 60/95W
Tilkoblingseffektmaks. 360W
Vekt (kg)7,2