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With the Floodlight FL 11 from SITECO you don't have to make any compromises. Regardless of whether it is a soccer field, sports arena, airport or logistics area, this floodlight offers completely new possibilities for illuminating areas down to the last detail and always reacting flexibly to all eventualities. With our power solution you save money, electricity and CO2. It manages with fewer floodlights than a comparable LED solution, but illuminates surfaces even more precisely thanks to new light distributions. Stay flexible in planning, installation, alignment and control. This also includes the flexible placement of the ECG, 360° rotatable LED modules and two construction sizes.

Our performance solution: Floodlight FL 11 is our innovative floodlight with maximum efficiency, service life and flexibility

SITECO Connect Sport

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SITECO Connect Sport enables simple and uncomplicated control of the floodlight via app with a range of up to 100m
The luminaires can be individually controlled or even grouped
Scenes for training, half field, competition or goal celebration can be created without problems
The download of the app is free of cost and free of license fees (iOS & Android)
The SITECO Connect Sport Controller can be used as a refusrbishment kit for DALI luminaires. An adaptation of the infrastructure is not necessary

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Bestillingsnummer: 5XA769SCS5GTIN (EAN): 4058352715987
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Bestillingsnummer: 5XA769SCSTGTIN (EAN): 4058352556320
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Bestillingsnummer: 5XA769SCS5GTIN (EAN): 4058352715987

ProduktnavnSITECO Connect Sport

Bestillingsnummer: 5XA769SCSTGTIN (EAN): 4058352556320

ProduktnavnSITECO Connect Sport

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